Denice poses at the Pace Academy snack bar. Photo: Bennett Cummings

If you are on a budget this year, be warned! Prices of various snacks at Pace Academy’s snack bar have skyrocketed since last school year. The price of bagels, muffins and pizza have gone up by at least 50 cents (even the cream cheese)! The snack bar purchases their bagels, muffins and cream cheese from the local Goldberg’s Fine Foods on West Paces Ferry. The price of a typical bagel at Goldberg’s is $2.65, which varies greatly from the price of a bagel at the snack bar which is $3.50. This raise is possibly caused by the increased demand for bagels over the past year, as the bagel is a favorite at the snack bar. Sophomore Grace O’Bryan says, “I am shocked by this raise in price, the amount was already high enough for one bagel.” Junior Drew Martin states, “I use the snack bar almost every day and with this increase, it prevents me from going as frequently.”

Additionally, the price of pizza and chicken tenders has been raised to $4.00. The candy, chips and drinks have stayed the same price but are still not cheap. If you are looking for something more affordable, steer towards a bake sale instead. Another option that prevents spending any money at all is to grab some free candy from outside the snack bar or bring a snack from home. Students were blindsided right when the snack bar opened. No warning sign was given; only the upcharge on the most popular products. Even Denice, a regular Flik worker at the snack bar, says “I was not made aware of the increase in prices, but I am now noticing them. This also was not the doing of Flik but of the business office.” 

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