Epic Games hosts a Fortnite event for fans to listen to speakers. Photo: Wikimedia

As many people miss the old Fortnite map and gameplay, Epic Games announced the return of “OG Fortnite” on Oct. 30th. On Friday Nov. 3rd, the update took place and Fortnite peaked in number of players with 6.1 million people online. The Fortnite map changed back to the Season Five Chapter One and the gameplay is back to the Chapter One settings. Also with the return of Season Five, weapons and collectibles like the Hand Cannon, the Rift to Go and Boogie Bombs are back with other “old” weapons and collectibles. “No Builds” isn’t an OG game mode, but is in the game and allows players to have an authentic Battle Royale experience. Due to the lack of building, Fortnite has incorporated modern gameplay devices like ziplines and mechanics that allow sliding and sprinting to help you move around the map with ease. “OG Fortnite” players were probably thrilled to log back on and feel the nostalgia of the 2019 Fortnite era. “I rushed home after school on Friday to play Fortnite. When I finally logged on, it felt like I was back in 2019 playing with my friends,” said Junior Thomson Brumfield.  Popular locations such as “Tilted Towers,” “Pleasant Park,” “Retail Row” and other “hot drops” are back. “I used to always land in ‘Salty Springs,’ and now that I can land there again, the game is so much more fun,” said Sophomore Jake Haggman. Although this update is only supposed to remain for about a month, with the number of players, Fortnite might just keep these settings for a while. Usually, Fortnite offers a “Battle Pass,” which allows players to claim season themed items like skins, emotes, and wallpapers, but this season, Fortnite is offering the “OG Pass,” which is a mix between modern items and skins with “OG” items and skins. Twitch streamers have been getting more views while playing Fortnite due to the update, and Sophomore Beckett Allegra said, “during my free periods, I have been watching streamers like ‘Nick Eh 30’ and watching Fortnite has never been more entertaining.” For the most part, Fortnite is back, but it’ll be interesting to see how Epic Games decides to update the game.

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