The Bluebook testing app where the PSAT will be held.

New for 2023, Pace juniors and sophomores will be taking the Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) online to prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Bringing the digital aspect of the PSAT is a huge innovation for schools all around the country. Not only does this save paper, but it is more efficient and provides a way for students to prepare and practice before taking the test. There are practice tests and previews of the formatting to help students acclimate to the test format. Especially for the sophomores, this format of testing is very new and can be hard to navigate. Now, students have the option of practicing with the format creating a less stressful test environment. Providing learning accomodations is also easier when we use the digital test because it simply readjusts its settings. Also, there are certain sections of the test that allow calculators, while some don’t allow the use of a calculator. This allows students to better manage which sections they are permitted a calculator since the test provides an online calculator for you. Students who have calculator accommodations are permitted the use of a calculator throughout the test. Pace students will be using the Bluebook App through the College Board. Students could potentially be looking at digitizing exams such as AP Exams, semester finals, the American College Test (ACT), and the SAT. Juniors will have the opportunity to apply for National Merit Scholarship programs. “The National Merit Scholarship Program is an annual competition among high school students for recognition and scholarships.” For Sophomores, this test is just for practice and to help provide a baseline for the SAT. “I think that this will be less stressful not having a big stack of paper right in front of me,” said Sophomore Dylan Nelson. Since this test will require all students to be connected to WiFi, Pace students tested their internet connection multiple times before taking the test. “There were many routers to help with the WiFi so hopefully the WiFi will improve because of this,” Nelson said. “I can never get work done in Inman, so having the WiFi improved will allow students to get school work done.”

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