Pace Juniors pose for a picture after winning their first game.

During the winter, Peachtree Road United Methodist Church (PRUMC) hosts a basketball league in which Pace teams often participate. This year, there are multiple teams per grade and they enter themselves to compete against other school teams in the area. Varsity basketball players aren’t allowed to participate in this league, so most of the players in the league aren’t on school team rosters. Teams compete in eight regular season games, against other teams in their grade, and depending on their record, some teams will go to playoffs in which all grades are combined. Although the games don’t count for anything, teams take the league very seriously and play to win. Sophomore coach Luca Venturi noted that “It’s a fun way to spend time with friends.” Many teams appoint coaches who often dress very professionally. The coach for one of the Junior teams, “Air Jesus,” is Drew Thompson and here’s what he has to say about their season. “Our PRUMC team is looking very good this year. We have hopes to win the championship this year after making it to the quarterfinals last season.” This year, the Sophomore boys, the “28th Infantry,” have a fairly new roster and are looking to make the playoffs. “PRUMC has a lot of tough competition, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. We’ve gotten a lot of backlash from our season ending loss last year against the past seniors, but that doesn’t faze us,” said “28th Infantry” player Ethan Holmes. “It’s an honor to be the coach of the infantry,” said coach Luca Venturi. One of the Senior teams, the “White Cheddah Gremlinz,” started off their season with a strong win. Ross Bernath, named offensive MVP of game one, is one of the best in the league averaging 30 points a game and hopes to lead the “Gremlinz” to the championship. “It’s way too easy and the competition is not good at all,” said Bernath. New to the high school division, the freshman team, the “Buzz Ballerz”, hope to shock the league and make it to the playoffs. The season will come to an end in March and the winners will have a banner hung up at the PRUMC gym with their team name on it.

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