Famous music artist Khaled Mohamed Khaled, more popularly known as DJ Khaled, has recently stirred up social media with his inspirational and wise quotes. DJ Khaled is a contemporary rapper, producer and entrepreneur. His latest album, “God Did,” refers to one of his most infamous quotes: “They ain’t believe in us, God Did.” Khaled refers to his incredible underdog story that created the chip on his shoulder that drives him to success.

DJ Khaled shows off his style at a gala. Photo: 2016 Getty Images 

Khaled grew up in New Orleans before moving to Orlando at the age of 13. As the son of Palestinian immigrants, Khaled has always been fighting his way to the top. In Orlando, Khaled learned to DJ in his parents’ garage, but due to financial hardship, Khaled and his family moved back to New Orleans. Before taking the world by storm, Khaled worked at the Odyssey record store in New Orleans, where he would record labels while networking with upcoming artists, including Lil Wayne.

 At the age of 31, Khaled released his debut album, “Listennn: The Album” (2006). It was a modest success and had many different featured artists. But lately, DJ Khaled has taken the world by storm with his viral quotes featured on TikTok and Instagram. In honor of his recent fandom, I’d like to rank his top five quotes. 

At number five, a quote infamous for not making sense, Khaled shouts “Gatorade!” confidently and intensely multiple times. At number four, Khaled cherishes his time on the golf course, exclaiming, “Let’s go golfing!” For the third best quote, DJ Khaled says, “Together we’re stronger!” while standing by a statue of two hands being held. Apparently, DJ Khaled loves to share his opinions on unity. In his second most inspirational quote, Khaled says, “Life is roadblocks. Don’t let nothing stop you, cause we ain’t stopping.” This line caused major controversy after it was found out that Khaled said roadblocks instead of Roblox, a popular videogame. Finally, at number one, DJ Khaled’s greatest quote is, “Don’t ever burn no bridge. Let me ask you a question. Can you walk on water?” This quote earns the number one spot due to its uplifting symbolic value. Khaled suggests that people should maintain their relationships and try to keep in touch with old friends.

Some other honorable mentions are: “And perhaps what is this?”, “I call this cappuccino”, “bring out the lobster” and “bring out the whole ocean.” These are all quotes from videos of Khaled narrating his fantastically prepared meals and his cappuccino-colored car while boasting with pride and happiness. His joyousness, boss attitude and exuberant swagger make all the difference in his rising popularity.

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