Netherworld, Atlanta’s most famous and eagerly awaited haunted house, announced its theme for the year; PRIMORDIAL and CRYPTID CHAOS. It was announced at the Atlanta Dragon Con parade, which was held on Aug. 13, 2023. Waiting a year to attend gave me time to wonder if my second annual visit to this year’s new attractions would provide the same high production value, expert scenery and frightening actors that I met last year.

When I first walked onto the property, I was underwhelmed. Compared to last year, there were fewer actors wandering the ticket line to scare visitors, and the entrance area was less decorated. This led me to a negative first impression and the belief that the haunted house wasn’t going to be scary; however, that impression quickly changed once I got inside. As soon as I was inside the first hallway, I had to cross a spinning bridge in a dark tunnel which made me disoriented and on high alert. From there, it only got scarier as I was surprised by many jumpscares, and creepy and disturbing decorations. Despite my initial fear that the haunted house would be a let down, the attraction created many fears as I walked through, living up to my expectations.

Photo: Netherworld Haunted House
Netherworld actor dressed in insect costume poses for camera

Apart from the haunted house itself, Netherworld now offers many different attractions. Once you exit the main haunted house, you are met with several additional halloween themed options. For instance, the area just outside the exit is built to resemble the concourse of an American stadium. Concession stands line the parking lot selling traditional stadium food. There isn’t any Halloween themed food that money cannot buy. This area also offers plenty of picture spots with statues and signs for backdrops and very friendly actors dressed in duanting costumes. If you want, you can even splash around in a foam pit and dance to Halloween themed music.

If you are still in the mood for more Halloween themed fun, for just $10 more you can dive into an escape room experience. Because this experience is only three minutes, I recommend instead investing that $10 in an action-packed game of Halloween laser tag for the same amount. Netherworld’s laser tag option allows you to select your opponents and puts one person in the role of the “monster” whose goal is to infect others with a virtual disease.

If that is still not enough freight, visitors have the option to venture into another spine-chilling haunted house known as CRYPTID CHAOS. Your journey begins inside a trembling elevator, setting the stage for the heart-pounding that lies ahead. Upon exiting the elevator, you’ll find yourself immersed in a maze-like haunted house experience with clowns lining the hallways and robotic monsters jumping at you. This haunted house is similar in length to the PRIMORDIAL attraction, and boasts plenty of heart-pounding jumpscares and intricately crafted decorations. To sum it up, Netherworld is undoubtedly worth both your time and money.

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