Following an extremely successful season, the baseball team looks to take it one step further and bring a trophy back home. The team is led by seniors: Jack Janko, James Romig, Lucas Klopp, Porter Kendall and Forest Pollard. Sophomore Miles Mador said, “We’re looking to go beyond what we achieved last year. We have made adjustments to our positions in the field and our pitching rotation is looking strong. The chemistry this year is much tighter than previous years, so it’ll be a fun ride to the end.” There are many players that are being put into new roles this season due to the graduation of Jae Williams and RJ Austin. Some important games this season are on Feb. 15 against Westminster and March 29 and 31 against Lovett.

Junior Terrence Kiel fields a ground ball. Photo: Fred Assaf


The golf team, coached by Middle School history teacher Mr. Scott Shupe, is ambitious to have a good year on the course. Senior Ronak Lalaji said, “I am looking forward to being able to spend bonding time with my teammates and creating great memories at tournaments. As a leader on the team I am looking forward to helping some of the new guys. Even though we do not know who is on the team yet, I know we’re going to be great and I can not wait to see what we do this year.” The team is extremely competitive and they hope to bring something home to the Academy.


As one of the less represented teams at Pace, the gymnastics team’s main goal this season is to have a successful year. The team has one senior, Bianca Vaneri, and she said, “We only have four girls on the team this year, but we’ve had really great seasons with small teams before” about the upcoming season. They have their first meet on March 15 against Decatur.

Men’s Lacrosse:

After going out in the elite eight last year, the men’s lacrosse team has their eyes set on another successful season. The team invites back Offensive Coach Shayne Jackson, a coach of the 2021 state championship runner-up team, as well as two new coaches: Brett Dobson and Luke Trevino. The team is led by seniors David Grice, Charlie Fleming, Nick Klein, Aidan Caroll, Ian Dempsey and Grant Stebbins. Starting this year, Georgia High School Association (GHSA) created new playoff brackets which put the Knights in a A-AAAA bracket. Senior David Grice said, “As a senior, this season I am looking forward to the moments I get to spend with my teammates, whether it is on the bus, eating lunch on Saturdays, or at practice.” Overall, the team has a lot to prove this year.

Junior Alex Trujillo makes a save. Photo: Fred Assaf

Women’s Lacrosse:

After falling short last season, the women’s lacrosse team looks to make Pace history. Coach Kelsea Lowe along with seniors Katie Janko, Marley Venturi, Sophia Mador, Maddie Swartz, Anna Nuckols, Cele Camp and Victoria Hadley lead the team this year. Junior Wells Howe said, “My favorite thing about lacrosse is how close our team is and how our dedication has improved so much over the past few years. I’m so excited to see how much we will grow this season.” Like the men’s team, the GHSA also made the switch to a A-AAAA bracket for the women. The team has high hopes for the season and they will definitely put in the effort to go a long way.

Junior Emery Duncan dodges her defender. Photo: Fred Assaf

Men’s Soccer:

The men’s soccer team looks to three-peat this year with another state championship in their sights. Despite the new competition, Coach Lucas Moreno has his eyes set on another great season for the soccer team in their new AAAA division. Senior Brian Lee said, “I am looking forward to the season as we will have a lot of young players stepping into important roles so we can continue our success. I am excited to help them along the way as a senior and to see what they are capable of.”

Women’s Soccer:

After a devastating loss in the state championship last season, the women’s soccer team looks to take it one step further. Coach Declan Traquir along with seniors Kate Romero and Caroline Cole lead the team and hope to post a successful season in their new division: AAAA. Junior Adair Smith said, “I am looking forward to an amazing season with a great group of girls! I think we can really do something special this year and I am excited for it.”

Sophomore Alexa Ibarra throws the ball inbounds. Photo: Fred Assaf

Men’s Tennis:

The men’s tennis team strives to repeat their state championship in another victorious season. Coach Matt Marsico along with seniors Hunt Stevens and Colin Koch are the leaders of the team this year and they look to make this repeat season happen. Sophomore Matthew Hall said, “As one of the younger players on the team I have a lot to prove this year, but I am excited for it. I think we have a great group of guys on the team and I am looking forward to getting to know them better and play with them.”

Junior William McMullan serves the ball. Photo: Fred Assaf

Women’s Tennis:

The women’s tennis team also looks to capitalize off of the state championship season from last year and put up another impressive one. Seniors Brooke Brumfield, Sara Mazur and Caitlyn Pinsker accompanied by Coach Matt Marsico lead the team this year. Junior Sarah Proctor said, “I am looking forward to all the fun matches and tournaments with my team and getting to know all my new teammates.” The teams first match was played on Feb. 8 against Marist.

Men’s Track and Field:

The men’s track and field team is optimistic about this upcoming season. Following their successful state championship season last year, the team has the goal of repeating their triumph. Junior Matthew Wells said, “I am excited to be a leader on the team this year. I would say I have learned a lot from some of the past members on the team and I am looking forward to passing my knowledge down to some of the new, younger guys. I hope we go a long way this year.” 

Women’s Track and Field

The women’s track and field team wants to take their state runner-up from last year one step further.  Junior Erielle Harris said “I am super excited for this season. After falling short last year I really think our team has what it takes to take it one step further and bring the trophy back home to Pace. I am also looking forward to bonding with some of the younger people on the team.”

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