Thanksgiving is undoubtedly one of, if not the best holiday celebrated in America. This day is best characterized by 4 F’s. Fall, family, football and most importantly, food. On the fourth Thursday of every November, family and friends gather to feast on foods rarely consumed during the rest of the year. However, these dishes characterize this season and give meaning to the end of the year.

The biggest and most important dish of this holiday is the meat, sorry vegans. Furthermore, there is simply only one choice: turkey. Anyone who prefers ham should seriously reconsider their priorities. Just simply look at the facts. Does the President pardon a pig? Is it called Pig Day? No and no. Eat turkey!

Delicious Thanksgiving staples line the dinner table. Photo Credit: Food Network

Possibly one of the most underrated sides of all time is stuffing. This dish is flawless. Sweet, salty, bready goodness, what isn’t there to like? This food is a staple of the day and should be on every table come Nov. 24.

The sidekick to a perfectly basted, golden turkey, is mashed potatoes. Even when mediocrely prepared, this light, fluffy dish can still be delicious. That’s how versatile they are. Topped with some hot, homemade gravy, there is nothing that symbolizes fall more than mashed potatoes.

Arguably more polarizing than brainwashed, unintelligent, intense family political debates is cranberry sauce. This is the best dish to bless this incredible holiday. Grow up, it’s just fruit jello with a distinct, immaculate taste. Just because it isn’t loaded with sugar to satisfy the average American’s sweet tooth doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of respect.

Although an incredible dish, mac-n-cheese shouldn’t be on the Thanksgiving table. This might be one of the best meals to ever bless mankind, however, its comfort food not Thanksgiving food. Did the pilgrims and Native Americans eat macaroni and cheese on the first Thanksgiving? Probably not. Therefore, save this dish for the next day, perhaps even a good post-Black Friday shopping spree meal.

Another recipe that doesn’t need to be opened on this day is candied yams. For what reason does anyone need to eat a yam? What even is a yam? This mix between a carrot, potato and sweet potato, simply has no point to be on a Thanksgiving plate, just to be outshined by mashed potatoes. Leave the yams, and instead, make some corn and rolls.

To put the crown on a fantastic meal, there is only one way to go with dessert. Pumpkin pie. Keep it traditional as they did in Jamestown in 1621 and leave the blondies and chocolate chip cookies in the cabinet. Pie is simply another staple and key ingredient in a successful Thanksgiving feast. Don’t be lazy, buy some pumpkin pie filling, spices, pie crust and end this sacred day correctly.

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