Photo: National Public Radio Pakistanis making shelter amidst displacement

Climate change has increased the severity of storms across the world resulting in flooding and disasters of biblical proportion.

For more than 40 days in June 2022, parts of Pakistan were subject to unrelenting rain causing devastating flooding, much like what happened to Noah in the Bible. These floods resulted in one third of Pakistan being underwater per CNN, and the South Asian country is in a declared state of emergency. 

These unfortunate circumstances facing Pakistan have caused more than 1,200 deaths. According to the BBC, approximately 33 million people have also been impacted. Of this number, 7.9 million people have been displaced and the country has sustained an estimated $10 billion in damages.

The cause of these floods stems from the impacts of climate change. While Pakistan emits only 1% of the world’s greenhouse gasses, they are the eighth country most vulnerable to flooding according to CNN. The country has 7,200 glaciers and has seen many of them melt. Another reason for these deadly floods is the unprecedented amount of recent rainfall. According to CNN, the rate of rainfall is 10 times higher than historic rains.

While the flood’s damage has already been felt, the consequences will continue. Health experts predict that the dirty water left behind will cause disease. Treating these diseases will be even harder because over 800 medical facilities have been damaged, per CNN. Another health concern for the country is the lack of food supply, as many agricultural fields have been wiped out.

Organizations like UNICEF have stepped in to help. According to ShareAmerica, the United States Government has donated $56 million to help aid the crisis and the United Nations has donated an additional $2 million.

Meanwhile, across the globe Hurricane Ian tore across the state of Florida on September 28, 2022, leaving complete devastation in its wake. According to The Washington Post, Hurricane Ian is the deadliest Hurricane in Florida since 1935, surpassing 100 deaths and resulting in approximately $75 billion in damages.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, describes what has happened as a “biblical storm surge.” When the Hurricane hit Lee County, it was graded as a category four hurricane. The category four hurricane ended up taking the lives of at least 55 people in Lee County. Unfortunately, the damage from the Hurricane does not stop there. According to NPR, three people in Cuba died from the storm and the whole country has been left without power.

Environmental impacts from climate change are also responsible for increasingly devastating hurricanes. The increase in sea level has resulted in hurricanes like Hurricane Ian to cover more area and surge higher. Unlike Pakistan, however, America can be blamed for these disaster, as America is the greatest contributor to climate change according to Vox.

So while the consequences are biblical, man is to blame for these natural disasters.

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