Fantasy Football is thrilling, infuriating and nerve-wracking. Now that football season is around the corner, billions of people worldwide are drafting their teams. Once teams are drafted trash talk immediately ensues and rivalries begin. Friends join together into leagues of many varieties. After the draft, each person immediately has prideContinue Reading

On Aug. 14, former NFL player Michael Oher sued the Tuohy family for never officially adopting him. Instead of adoption, Oher had been under a conservatorship, which allowed the Tuohys to have authority over Oher’s medical and financial situations. In this recent lawsuit, Oher requested that the Tuohys end hisContinue Reading

Many may not know of senior Prabhavh Pradeep’s success in his sport outside of the Pace community. As there is no cricket team at school, he has been unable to show his talent in front of the student body. Outside of Pace, he plays at an extremely high level, playingContinue Reading

The National Football League (NFL) will be a little greener, wetter and covered with more slime in the coming year as Nickelodeon has announced that it will continue its popular partnership with the NFL.  What began as a collaboration with CBS sports’ production team during the January 10, 2021 wildcardContinue Reading

With the conclusion of the PGA tour season, many golf fans may begin to feel heartbroken, but all spirits shall be lifted as the best golf event is just around the corner. In a week or two, the United States’ 12 best golfers will take on Europe’s finest in theContinue Reading

Following their disappointing end to the 2022 season, the Braves looked to capitalize on their recent acquisition of catcher Sean Murphy from the Oakland Athletics back in December. In the 2023 offseason, the Braves lost a key player and fan favorite, Dansby Swanson. The loss of Swanson had fans devastated,Continue Reading

On Aug. 20, the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which took place in Australia and New Zealand, came to a close with a Spanish victory. The game was close and ended with Spain winning 1-0 against England. Spanish soccer player Olga Carmona scored in the first half of the game, whichContinue Reading

Recently, 259 men made their dreams come true. These men were drafted into the National Football League (NFL) in one of seven rounds, across Apr. 27-29. Typically, analysts, fans and NFL enthusiasts alike all give their opinions on which teams were the biggest winners and losers of draft night. Arguably,Continue Reading

Bruins v.s. Panthers Going into this series, the Boston Bruins just achieved the most successful National Hockey League season of all time. Meanwhile, the Florida Panthers were the last team to gain a spot in the playoffs, finishing the regular season with just 92 points. After watching the Bruins inContinue Reading

While other years of sports may be remembered for epic wins or famous underdogs, 2022 had a very different pattern. As athlete after athlete announced their retirement to the world, the world of sports was altered. Even more, these people were not just any athletes; they might even be calledContinue Reading

Former National Basketball Association (NBA) star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds 6 NBA championship titles, 6 NBA Most Valuable Player titles and 15 All-NBA selections, from his 21 seasons playing for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks. Although Kareem was most well known for his NBA scoring record which stoodContinue Reading