Sophomore Mitchel Walker attentively studies his celebrity crush on his favorite social media, Instagram. Photo: Hayes Pollard

Why are we insecure? The answer is comparison. Comparison can be motivating and healthy at times but the issue is the scale at with social media brings it to. In the stone ages you would compare yourself among your fellow tribe members. Now, with social media, you’re comparing yourself with millions of people all over the world. How could you not be insecure? When asking sophmore Jack Lynch to delete social media his response appalled me, saying “I need it though.” Why does anyone need it? Using social media is only doing a disservice to yourself. There is only one completely non-renweable resource in the world, and that is your time. Your time has greater value than you realize. Consider how you are leading your life right now and ask yourself, In the future will I look back at this version of myself right now with a sense of pride or disgust? I can guarantee you from first hand experience that you will never be grateful that you spent time on social media. Make the proactive decision to take care of yourself and spend just 30 or even 10 minutes less each day on social media. Understanding the importance of your mental health and the effects social media is having on it is crucial. Spend some time in nature, go for a walk, learn about yourself and what you value. Of course everyone must find a happy medium with the use of social media, but you must understand that while it is okay to own technology, it is not okay to be owned by technology. If you are so focused on others and how they perceive you, you will never find time for yourself. Lack of understanding about your values and goals is a core reason for poor mental health. Social media prevents you from spending time in solitude and takes away opportunities to contemplate your mission in life. It is difficult to understand yourself if you are never by yourself. So stop allowing your ambition and values to be sucked out of you by social media and start pursuing what matters in life.

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