Lucky for us, late night restaurants are plentiful in Atlanta. When you are craving late night classic, chain or unique experience, Atlanta has a ton of dining options to choose from after 10:00 p.m. From Waffle House to McDonald’s to Wendy’s and R. Thomas’ Deluxe Grill, rest assured that your biggest regret of the night will not be the lack of choice, but rather making the wrong selection of what and where to eat. 

Photo: Business Insider
An empty Waffle House before the late night rush.

The most obvious choice for late-night grub is a 24/7 Waffle House. Both the booth and the bar provide plenty of opportunities to eat with friends and family. From the moment you open the door and step into the bright lights, you are greeted with the reassuring smell of fluffy golden waffles, crisping hashbrowns and coffee. The comfortable sameness continues when you examine the laminated menu. Waffle House is always a great place for a late night meal because of the variety of food, consistency of quality, affordable price and of course, the jukebox in every location. To top it off, Waffle House servers are friendly, welcoming and are always ready for a late night crowd. 

While not as good as Waffle House, fast food is another option. McDonald’s offers some locations that are open all night with a drive-thru and a varied menu. The 65 year old world famous restaurant serves food quickly at a reasonable price which is great if you are in a time crunch to make it home before curfew. There is no guarantee, however, that your food is freshly made and many of the options are processed and not the healthiest. 

Like McDonald’s, Wendy’s also offers a reliable option for those seeking a late night meal. Their after hours service is also a convenient and fast dining choice. The menu offers their signature square hamburgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, delicious french fries and a sweet treat in the Classic Chocolate Frosty, the best item on the menu. Wendy’s, however, suffers from the same flaws and provides the same risks as its rival McDonald’s with the potential of late-night meals being pre-made food left under warming lights.

If you are looking for a restaurant that is open late with healthy options, table service, and a terrifying number of parrots, R. Thomas Deluxe Grill is your best bet. Located on Peachtree, it stands out for its commitment to health-conscious, environmentally friendly cuisine and strange decor. Its unique atmosphere paired with amazing food, juices and smoothies will leave you satisfied after a night out. However, you will spend more money compared to the other options and are limited to a single location.

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