Scottie Scheffler poses with the Masters trophy and green jacket after his win. Photo: @themasters on instagram

On April 10, Scottie Scheffler became one of the youngest members of the PGA tour to earn his green jacket and win the Masters in Augusta, Ga. The contest was not especially close either, with Scheffler coming in at ten under par while his biggest competition, Rory Mcllroy, shot seven under par. Cold conditions plagued most of the golfers, but those top two players did not seem to mind the weather. Even after four putting the final hole, Scheffler finished the 18th hole on his sixth stroke to collect his 11.5 million dollar earning for his fourth PGA tour. 

Early on in the event, all eyes were on five time Masters tournament winner Tiger Woods, who made his first appearance in a golf event since his accident. In Feb. 2021, Woods crashed his SUV while driving in Los Angeles, flipping his car several times. Right after the accident, Woods was rushed to the hospital, as he received serious leg injuries. It was unclear whether one of the most famous golfers of all time would ever take the course again. 

However, a little more than a year later, Woods stepped out to compete in the most competitive tournament of the PGA tour. His practice round gained tons of attention, with fans flocking to see the all time great play again. Although Woods struggled throughout the tournament, finishing 47th overall and 13 strokes over par, his completion of the event was impressive enough. He may not have sported the green jacket at the end of the day, but fans were happy enough to see the superstar back on the course. 

After the huge win, 25 year old Scheffler now sits on top of the world rankings list, a major accomplishment for a player that young. All of his major PGA tour wins came in the last six months, and more titles are yet to come. 

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