Kraft’s new macaroni and cheese gummies look identical to the original product! PHOTO:

Gummy hot dogs, macaroni and cheese gummies and mustard Skittles? Are these treats or really just tricks? Beware, because this halloween season, these spooky candies have hit the stores! 

Classic brands including Kraft, Oscar Mayers and Claussen have partnered with  manufacturing company Frankford Candy to turn their products into sweet treats. Candy foods so far include hot dogs, bacon, noodles, pickles and much more! “The sweets are certainly eye-catching. 

The candy foods all look like tiny versions of their giant counterparts. The hot dogs even come with buns and condiments” said USA today. Although they look identical, the gummies are sadly not flavored. 

These brands are not the only ones creating unique treats this season. Skittles has also teamed up with French’s mustard to create an original combination: mustard Skittles! First released in honor of National Mustard Day back in August, they are stocking the shelves for the upcoming holiday. According to CNN, “Skittles’ newest flavor doesn’t taste like the rainbow.” These candies are described as “having a tangy mustard flavor combined with the candy’s iconic chewy texture doused in a yellow coloring.” Marketing Director of Mars, the company that owns Skittles, Ro Cheng described the reasoning behind the creation and release of Mustard Skittles. “[We want] to inspire moments of everyday happiness and deliver unexpected ways for fans to experience the brand. That’s why we’ve teamed up with French’s to create the first-of-its-kind Skittles that combines their tangy mustard flavor with our iconic chewy texture.” So, if you can “mustard” up the courage, make sure to try these new Skittles! They are found in almost every supermarket, from Walmart, to Kroger and to Five Below. 

A few more new treats that might be more popular among trick-or-treaters will come out this fall including Neon Gummi Bears and Whozeewhatzit bars. Whozeewahtzit bars will include layers of chocolate crisp and peanut butter surrounded by a layer rich chocolate shell. 

Along with many new additions to the candy market, many candies have been discontinued, such as Candy Corn, Ghost and Bat Dot’s, and 100-Grand Bars. A classic favorite, 100-Grand Bars were sadly discontinued because their manufacturer closed, and will definitely be missed.

  Make sure to look out for these sweet treats as you eat your yearly Halloween candy

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