Riley is finally placed behind bars for her danger to the Pace Parking lot. Photo: Ellie Siskin
After months of deep investigation, the super speeder that haunted the Pace parking lot was uncovered as Dean of Students Ms. Alison Riley. Because of the many small children that were almost run over by the vicious speeder, Pace Security Associate Howard Allen decided to install live cameras in the parking lot to catch the culprit. “The super speeder was a real danger to our community, and I was forced to make a change for our safety,” Allen said. On Friday, Feb. 25 at 7:44 a.m., a small car darted out of the carpool line at almost 30 mph, nearly hitting 17 small children. When zooming in to the video of the driver’s seat of the car, it became evident that Ms. Riley was the one driving recklessly. “This was a shock to me, especially because of the numerous announcements she has made in assembly,” said Allen. “I never would have guessed that Ms. Riley could commit such a crime.”  As soon as her secret was uncovered, Ms. Riley claimed to be innocent, and an honor council hearing was immediately set up. In her absence as the leader during the hearing, the students felt confused and betrayed. “Nobody was sure what to do because we normally have Ms. Riley to lead us,” said sophomore honor council member Alice Gash. “We could not believe that she could go against the rules when she is always the one enforcing them.” After long hours of harsh questioning, Ms. Riley finally admitted to her crime and repented for what she did. “I really did not mean to hurt anyone,” she said sadly. “The traffic at Pace has just been so bad lately that I had no other way to arrive on time.” Because it was such a vicious crime, the honor council had to be creative and come up with a punishment that would amount to the situation’s severity. Starting on April 1, 2022, Ms. Riley is banned from driving to Pace and will now be forced to walk to school every day. “It took a lot of discussions, but we think that this is a fair solution,” said senior Raina Moseley, a leader on the honor council. “We really can’t afford any injuries in the parking lot and have to look out for the safety of Pace above anything.” In the meantime, the cameras remain in the parking lot to quickly discover any super speeders in the future. Now that the super speeder is eliminated from the Pace parking lot, carpool will be a much safer place. Students are looking forward to driving without fear in the parking lot again, excited that the culprit was found so quickly. April fools!

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