Following an extremely successful season, the baseball team looks to take it one step further and bring a trophy back home. The team is led by seniors: Tucker Ausband, Mac Barnette, Jackson Hurd, Terrence Kiel, Henry Levenson, George Little, Will Moore, Ryan Reiss and Ethan Rucker. Junior Miles Mador said, “We’re looking to go beyond what we achieved last year. We have made adjustments to our positions in the field and our pitching rotation is looking strong. The chemistry this year is much tighter than previous years, so it’ll be a fun ride to the end.” The team has put new players into new roles this year, but under the guidance of a strong senior class, they look to put another successful season under their belt.


The golf team, led by Middle School English Teacher Mr. Pete Pope and coach Tyler Renn, is ambitious to have a good year on the course. Junior Jack Mallard said, “I am looking forward to being able to spend bonding time with my teammates and creating great memories at tournaments. As someone who knows their way around High School golf a little bit more than most, I’m excited to share my knowledge with some of the young guys and hopefully set up a strong future for Pace golf. Even though we do not know who is on the team yet, I know we’re going to be great and I can not wait to see what we do this year.” The team is less known at Pace, but they are extremely competitive and hope to bring something home to the academy.

Senior goalie Alex Trujillo looks to clear the ball to one of his middies. Photo: Fred Assad

Men’s Lacrosse:

After going out in the elite eight last year to rival Westminster, the men’s lacrosse team has their eyes set on another successful season. A recent coaching change has a two-headed head coaching approach between Chase Winter and Georgia Swarm player Shayne Jackson. The team is led by a whopping twelve seniors, a lot of whom have never played before, but are looking to provide their talents anywhere they can. Sophomore Bobby Hanna said, “Last year as a freshman, I had a lot to learn and had to figure out what it meant to be on the lacrosse team. Now that I’ve found my footing, I am excited for this season and to see what we can do. A lot of people do not have high expectations for us but we all have that underdog mentality and are ready to shock everyone praying on our downfall. Gotta kick a** with class! ” Overall, the team has a lot to prove this year.

Women’s Lacrosse:

Following their historical 2023 State Championship run, the women’s lacrosse team has their eyes set on becoming back-to-back champions. Along with Coach Kelsea Lowe, the team is led by a group of five seniors: Emery Duncan, Wells Howe, Rebecca Thompson, Jordyn Howard and Sydney Vincent. Lowe has the team working year-round in order to make sure they’re ready for any challenge that comes their way. Thompson said, “I’m super excited for this season, we’ve already put in so much work this year and I can not wait to see it pay off. Hopefully, we can all add to our ring collection at the end of the year.” The team has high expectations following last season and looks to continue their recent success.

Men’s Soccer:

The men’s soccer team looks to bounce back from their unfortunate loss last year and bring another trophy back to the castle. The notorious Coach Lucas Moreno has his eyes set on another great season for the soccer team with, of course, lots of hill sprints in their future. Senior Martin Andra-Thomas said, “I’ve been on the team for four years now, and finally it is my time to be our leader. As the only senior on our team, I am in a unique position and have the opportunity to share everything I know with some of the younger guys. We have a really good group of athletes and I know we have what it takes to compete. Hopefully we can come out on top.”

Women’s Soccer:

Following a heartbreaking loss at the end of last year, the women’s soccer team similarly looks to reclaim their fame and bring back another State Championship to Pace. Coach Decland Traquir along with seniors Kaci McCray, Alice Gash, Morgan Miller, Reed Millner, Adair Smith, Katelyn Souza and Deyo Bourne, look to lead the team to another successful season and hopefully victories against rival Lovett. Junior Alexa Ibarra said, “I am looking forward to an amazing season with a great group of girls. I think we can really do something special this year and I am excited to see how the season turns out. ”

Men’s Tennis:

Following a devastating loss in the final four last year, the men’s tennis team strives to return to the championship and bring back a ring in another victorious season. Coach Matt Marsico and seniors David Fu, Soren Matthias and Noah Benz are the leaders of the team this year and look to make this successful season happen. Junior Matthew Hall said, “As one of the older guys on the team I have a lot to take care of this year, but I am excited for it. I think we have a great group of guys on the team and I am looking forward to getting to know them better as well as playing alongside them.”

Women’s Tennis:

The women’s tennis team also looks to capitalize off of their back-to-back State Championship season from last year and put up another impressive one. Seniors Uma Graz and Sarah Proctor accompanied by coach Matt Marsico lead the team this year. Senior Sarah Proctor said, “I am looking forward to all the fun matches and tournaments with my team and getting to know all my new teammates. I was on the state team last year and my goal is to bring us back there again. I know we have the talent to get there now we just need to show it.” 

Men’s Track and Field:

The men’s track and field team is optimistic about this upcoming season. Following their successful season last year, the team aims to continue their triumph. Senior Matthew Wells said, “I am excited to be a leader on the team this year. I would say I have learned a lot from some of the past members of the team and I am looking forward to passing my knowledge down to some of the new, younger guys. I hope we go a long way this year.”  

Women’s Track and Field:

The women’s track and field team wants to take their extremely successful season from last year, including individual State Championships and new records, to the next level and bring back an overall Championship to Pace. Freshman Ansley Vincent said “I am super excited for this season. As it is my first year on the team, I have a lot to learn about the sport and how the team works. So far practices have looked good and I hope I can be a part of another great season.”

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