Groups explored each isle and selected foods to buy and enjoy! (PHOTO CREDIT: Lillis Davis)

The Isdell Center for Global Leadership’s Food Highways Fellow Group started the year off with a successful trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market, where students got the opportunity to try brand new foods and dishes in an exciting environment. 

Composed of 18 sophomores and juniors, photography teacher Mrs. Jennifer Wilson and history teacher Mrs. Mindy Lawrence, the group’s mission for the school year is to explore new cuisines and restaurants around Atlanta.  “We want to expand our knowledge of different cultures through trying new foods and exploring the areas around Buford Highway,” said junior Zach Segall. On Oct. 1 the group met for its first meeting at the international farmer’s market.

Sophomores Ashley York and Sydney Gaither pose with their favorite new foods. (PHOTO CREDIT: Olivia Siskin)

Upon arriving, the group split up into smaller groups and were given time to explore the different sections of the market, from the produce, to the fish and to the bakery. “I was very excited to see the produce section and found so many diverse fruits! I picked out starfruit, dragonfruit and rambutans to try” said sophomore Sydney Gaither. In the bakery section, the groups selected Mexican “pan de muerto” and pound cake. Another highlight was the fish section, a spot well known for its diverse options. “Although I am not a fan of seafood, the fish section was cool because we got to see the variety and how the fish was prepared,” said sophomore Bennett Cummings. After around one hour, the group met as a whole to purchase, discuss and try the items that each group selected. Some of these items included mochi ice cream, canned boba tea, Gansito cake and spicy Tofu sticks. 

Overall, the group’s favorite foods were the pound cake, the rambutans and dragon fruits and mochi. “The mochi was definitely my favorite because it was so refreshing. I would definitely try it again next time,” said Zach Segall. “I loved getting to sit down and try all the new foods as a group and comparing our opinions. That was probably my favorite part,” said sophomore Serena Shang. Reflecting on the trip, sophomore Ashley York mentioned how grateful she was to go on the trip. “My favorite part was walking around and immersing myself in the different isles and cultures. I got to try so many new foods that I really liked!” Sophomore Rebecca McCloskey mentioned that her favorite part was the variety of foods the market had and how many different countries and ethnicities were represented.

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