Taylor Swift performs for her Reputation Era. Photo: Houston Chronicle

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is one of the biggest tours of all time and can now be seen by even more people with the release of the tour documentary in movie theaters. Fans worldwide are already raving about the movie and the sold-out theaters all weekend prove the excellence of the documentary. One of Swift’s The Eras Tour shows includes performances from all of her ten albums with costume changes and backgrounds like no other. The three-hour tour has been compressed into a shortened two-hour movie that manages to capture the essence of each of her eras perfectly. The videography shows close views of Swift and manages to show every angle of the performance that would not be possible live. Fans who were not able to see Swift live now get the chance to see her full performance and experience one of her shows.

The cinematography captures funny moments and fans in the crowd that show the wonderful atmosphere of the Eras Tour. Unlike the actual concert, the background music and screaming fans are not too loud. This allows for Swift’s voice to really shine and allows the audience to hear her voice clearly while she sings live. The choreography can also be better appreciated with an up-close view. The backup dancer’s impeccable moves allow the audience to appreciate how hard performing at that level must be. 

Taylor Swift performs her Red Era. Photo: CNN

All of the small aspects of creating a concert as big as Swift’s are better appreciated while in a theater. The fans can bond more and appreciate each other on a smaller scale. Fans at the theaters still sing very loudly and videos have already been posted of theaters having dance parties altogether. Seeing the movie in theaters is similar to a mini concert with fans singing their hearts out and exchanging friendship bracelets just like at the real concert. The Eras tour documentary has the ability to make strangers become friends instantly. 

Furthermore, Swift went above and beyond with the release of this movie. The Eras Tour popcorn buckets and drink cups are being sold at every theater. Photo booths and props are set up at multiple theaters for fans to document their experiences. Swift even made appearances at multiple theaters to tell her fans how excited she was and how much she appreciated them. Swift watched the movie with fans and danced with them through every song of her infamous tour.

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