Sophomores Etan Gerber, Akshay Tolmare and Davis Trimble (L-R) pose with Netherworld employee. Photo: Park Howell

With Halloween right around the corner, haunted houses across the country have opened for a limited time. In Georgia, one haunted house located in Gwinnett County stands out: Netherworld. According to Customer News and Business Channel, Netherworld is the fifth scariest haunted house in the nation. Despite the attraction’s reputation, the question still remains: is Netherworld actually scary? 

With that in mind, upper school students set out to find the answer to this question. 

Upon arrival, one is met with Netherworld employees in terrifying disguises, visitors dressed in costumes, long lines and many cop cars. “I was more intimidated than scared” Sophomore Akshay Tolmare went on to say after witnessing the overwhelming scene. This was because some workers prowled the parking lot, creeping up behind people and shocking them with their blood stained costumes. 

Sophomore Davis Trimble, another first timer, said “I was very nervous while waiting in line after seeing some of the workers in costume outside.” He noticed that even using a porta-potty was not safe as dressed-up workers would bang loudly on the outer wall or wait outside to pop-out and scare one.

For some, the regret set in once they entered the dark insides of the building that were filled with special effects and more scary live actors. For others, the regret was based on the vulnerability of their position in the group. As they made their way around the twists and turns of the scenery, they had to stay in a single file line. Being last in this line is the worst position as you will most likely be followed by employees trying to make you scream. Being followed by a clown was the most terrifying for some, while others were more frightened by jump scares. Tolmare said, “The scariest part was when I went around a corner and a guy with a chainsaw jumped out at me.” Although Netherworld is inevitably terrifying, the frequent haunted house visitors appeared unfazed by Netherworlds tacticts. 

For those looking for a fun activity with friends during the fall, Netherworld is the place to go. But as Sophomore Park Howell best puts it, “Expect a rollercoaster of emotions and never let your guard down.”

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