Meet the new 2026 class dean, Upper School Biology teacher and Lacrosse coach, Ben Ewing. Ewing served in the Peace Corps in Fiji before working at Pace, and his hobbies include hiking, fishing, spending time outdoors and cooking. In 2018, Ewing started his teaching career at Pace and has served as the Dean of the Class of 2022 for the past four years. “It has been fantastic to watch the growth of the class of 2022. The growth between freshman and senior year is impressive, especially having to manage the difficulties of being in high school during a pandemic,” he said. Mr. Ewing also commented on the concerns of the soon-to-be graduates, “I think that the seniors think I am replacing them and it’s like, you don’t replace a grade you just add another one.” 

Mr. Ewing headed to lacrosse practice in style. PHOTO: Alice Gash

Mr. Ewing will say farewell to the Class of 2022 and welcome the Class of 2026 in the upcoming school year as their class dean. The presence of a class dean plays a vital role in a student’s experience in the Upper School, especially during freshmen year. Ewing will serve as a mentor and advocate for his students, and also help them navigate through the complexities of transitioning from middle school to high school. “I am looking forward to getting to know a new grade of students and learning the ins and outs of a whole different group of personalities,” said Ewing. “I think that Pace is a great size to offer students a variety of different opportunities and also small enough to where people know each other’s names and faculty and students can actually get to know each other.” 

A class dean is chosen on the basis of different characteristics that they hold. “Deans have to have great leadership skills and great communication skills and be student-centered, and Ben meets all of those. He also has experience having been a dean already for the Class of 2022,” said Head of Upper School Michael Gannon. 

Mr. Ewing’s love of teaching is displayed in his positive and supportive spirit. He emphasizes the idea of trying your best, and he wants every student to succeed. His advice for the incoming freshmen is to “get involved in opportunities available to you and do your homework because it actually counts.” 

Mr. Ewing is going to miss the senior class as they head off to college in the fall and wants to offer them one last piece of advice before leaving. “There are so many things, and I am trying to capture them in, like a baccalaureate talk, but I think that simply you’ve got this. Life throws a lot at you, but you have managed so much with grace, and no matter what happens, you’ll continue to grow and learn,” he said. 

“Mr. Ewing is literally my favorite person on this campus, and I don’t know what I am going to do without him next year. If you get the chance to meet him, especially if you’re a rising freshman, jump on the opportunity,” said senior Harper White. 

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