If you believe anything you have read on this page so far, you are a “cotton-headed ninny muggins” as Buddy the Elf would say. There is only one correct answer in this debate. “The Grinch” and “Home Alone” are nowhere close to the cinematic masterpiece of “Elf.” Set in the live streets of New York City, the tale hilariously follows a human elf, Buddy, on his quest to find his family and save Christmas. Elf’s superiority comes from its lovable characters, timelessness and abundance of laughable moments and Christmas spirit. 

Buddy the Elf poses after saving Christmas in New York City. Photo Credit: WallpaperUse

First off, who doesn’t love Buddy the Elf? His infectious personality and smile cause laughs in the audience throughout the entire film. He brings a level of joy and Christmas cheer that is unmatched. Buddy touches the hearts of New York City and at the same time, ours too. While “The Grinch” and “Home Alone” have their share of loved characters, who is more iconic than Buddy? 

“Elf” is also a romantic comedy, which makes it appealing to a much wider range of audiences than other Christmas movies. It incorporates Christmas into a more serious plot about family and love. Past its silliness, “Elf” teaches us the importance of family, helping others, and spreading happiness and love. Along with this, Elf is timeless. Unlike “The Grinch” or “Home Alone” which have many remakes and sequels, “Elf” is a classic. Twenty years have passed since its release, and the plot remains untouched. It is unlikely that “Elf” will have to be updated, unlike many Christmas classics. 

Finally, just watching “Elf” gets you in the Christmas spirit. From the impressive decorations of the toy department, to the workshop at the North Pole, to the iconic scene where Santa’s sleigh finally flies, you can’t watch “Elf” without feeling the joy of the holidays.
“Elf” is without a doubt the best Christmas movie, and if you aren’t convinced, as Buddy once said, “You sit on a throne of lies.” 

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