The Falcons, Hawks and Braves are the most popular teams and stadiums in Atlanta. However, which stadium experience is the best? 

Truist Park is an outdoor stadium that is home to the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Truist Park offers a variety of food options that include the mouth-watering H&F burger, Chick-fil-A and delicious Dippin-Dots. The stadium also includes The Battery, which is used throughout the year as a great place to hang out and eat. Truist Park holds 41,084 rowdy fans, the stadium offers a Delta Sky Club for certain seats and the food spread is jaw-dropping. Braves games are fun not only because the team is amazing, but also because of the lively atmosphere and all of the perks the stadium has to offer. 

State Farm Arena welcomes Hawks to the stadium. Photo: ConstructionCleanupSpecialist

Mercedes Benz houses the Atlanta Falcons football team. The stadium is an architectural wonder and houses 71,000 amped-up fans. The stadium has a sliding roof that allows the team to play in perfect conditions when the weather is rainy, but also allows for the Atlanta sun to shine through on perfect days. Arthur Blank, the Falcons owner, prides the stadium upon its cheap food. An article written by Augusta CEO said, “Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the Atlanta Falcons, is the cheapest stadium in the NFL for food and drinks.” A hallmark of football is the tailgating experience, and there is plenty of space for an awesome tailgate outside of the stadium. Junior Thomas Costanzo says, “I have been to a tailgate at Mercedes Benz and did not even go to the game. That is how great the tailgates are.” 

The Atlanta Hawks reside in State Farm Arena. The arena holds 16,888 devoted fans. All Hawks games have celebrities in attendance like Quavo and Julio Jones. The arena offers a state of the art jumbotron that displays incredible images and lights onto the court. The Delta Club at Hawks games rivals that of a Braves game. The food is delicious, and it offers a great place to watch the game from court level. Also at a Hawks game, you are sure to leave with an awesome souvenir, whether it is a shirt shot out of the cannon by the cheerleaders at halftime or another shirt dropped from the roof in a Chick-Fil-A parachute. Senior Charlee Chastain says, “I love going to Hawks games. They are my favorite sporting event to go to in Atlanta.”

Due to the incredible features of the Battery and the mouth-watering food options at the stadium, Truist Park is the best stadium in Atlanta to watch a sporting event. However, all of the stadiums in Atlanta are incredible and only add to the great football, basketball or baseball that is taking place.

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