Junior Drew Thomson gets food from the cafeteria. Photo: Harrison Silver

Pace Academy has had some mouth-watering lunches throughout my tenure at Pace. However, there have also been a few unfavorable lunches. I have eaten 13 years of Pace lunches and I am fully qualified to rank the best and worst lunches at Pace Academy.

The best lunch at Pace Academy is General Tso’s chicken. General Tso’s chicken is brown, crispy and juicy. According to Michael Memar, he says, “When General Tso’s chicken is in the cafeteria my day immediately brightens and I grab multiple servings!” The second-best lunch at Pace Academy is the pizza. However, there are many different types of pizza, square, triangle, extra cheese or extra crispy. The best type of Pace pizza is the square pizza when there is the perfect balance between cheese and crispiness. The third-best lunch at Pace is undoubtedly chicken fingers. According to my sources(Ms. Sonya), Pace has to order extra chicken fingers because we eat so many. Once the snack bar opens, I hope that Pace continues its trend of having chicken tenders for sale. When asked about chicken fingers at the snack bar Jack Lynch said, “I bought chicken tenders every single day from the snack bar.” 

Drew Thompson orders his favorite snack, Jalapeno Miss Vickie’s chips. Photo: Harrison Silver

The most unfavorable lunches at Pace Academy are unanimously any type of non-fried fish, but especially salmon. The salmon gives students at Pace an uneasy feeling, especially because of how soft it is. Junior Will Moss said, “The last time I ate salmon I found a bone in it, and that was the last time I will ever eat salmon from the cafeteria again.” The second worst lunch at Pace is very close in contention with the worst. That second worst lunch is breakfast. The best part about breakfast is the hashbrowns. However, the eggs are very moist and the sausage has an uneasy coloring. While talking about breakfast for lunch, Junior Cooper Williams said, “I had breakfast this morning, why would I want it for lunch.” The third most unfavorable part of lunch is when you either cannot find a full ketchup bottle or when there is no Cholula in the entire cafeteria. Senior Maddox Crawford said, “When there is no Cholula in the cafeteria it immediately ruins my meal.”

Pace has some great lunches however they need to eliminate their unfavorable lunches. Once that occurs students will more greatly enjoy the options that Pace has to offer.

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