Coming to Pace in the 9th grade, Senior Trovon Baugh has been a vital member of the Pace community for four years. Being on the varsity football team since his freshman year and serving as a captain for two, Baugh’s career as a student-athlete has been extremely impressive. Playing offensive line while also dabbling on the defensive line, the football team heavily relies on Baugh’s performance. Now, receiving countless praise and having committed to a Divison I college, Pace football will grieve in his absence. 

On May 28, Baugh took to social media, announcing his official commitment to the University of South Carolina to play Division I football, after choosing from countless other Division I offers such as Auburn, LSU, UNC and Tennesse. Going into his senior year of high school as a Game Cock, Baugh had a spotlight upon him all season. Clearly having to make a tough decision in terms of which school to choose, Baugh says, “The main reason I chose South Carolina is because their staff and I connected very well.” Baugh instantly felt comfortable among the South Carolina family, especially knowing “that Coach Beamer and Coach AD could make me into not only a better person but a better player.” 

Aside from playing football at the University of South Carolina, Baugh hopes to major in Pharmaceutical studies. His interest in this field also influenced his decision, saying “The University of South Carolina has a tremendous Pharmaceutical major which was a huge reason in choosing this school.” At Pace, being an academic weapon, Baugh takes AP Environmental Science and Comparative Politics, challenging his mind both on and off the football field. 

Along with dominating in the classroom, Baugh’s true talent lies within football. On October 14, a ceremony was held at Pace in honor of Baugh’s selection for the 2023 Under Armour Next All-American football game. Only 100 athletes are selected each year by ESPN recruiters, Baugh’s selection was largely celebrated. Baugh says, “The Under Armour All-American selection meant a lot to me as it was one of my biggest goals going into my senior year.” 

Baugh will play in the football game in 2023, and anticipation grows for the outcome of the game!As the 2022 football season has come to an end, Baugh reflects on his favorite moments. Baugh says that “beating Westminster for the first time in school history was my favorite memory.” As the past two seasons have been played in honor of Jordan Sloan, Baugh feels extra sentimental surrounding the Westminster victory stating, “we got the win for Jordan.”

Baugh’s football career at Pace has concluded, but he still has a lot to look forward to. He anxiously awaits graduating in May and preps to become a Game Cock in August of 2023. To stay up to date on Baugh’s life, check out his Instagram @tr0von or his Twitter @BaughTrovon!

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