As the new year commences, Pace has decided to return to international trips and explorations under the Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) study tours. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students were limited to travel within the continental United States last year; however, after two years of masks and isolation, we are boarding planes and soaring to new corners of the globe.

This year’s theme is technology. Who has access to it and how it’s used around the world are just two of the many questions that will be answered on these study tours. Each year, a Pace student crafts a poster, reflective of the ICGL’s message. Using pieces of a phone, Senior Oliver Loree designed the thematic poster this year: creating a map of the world.

This winter, Mr. Tim Hornor, the Head of the History Department, alongside math teachers Mr. Jason Smith and Dr. Heather McCloskey will lead a trip to Germany. This venture will go from Jan. 6 through Jan. 23 and will focus on art history and the history of World War II. Mr. Hornor, a passionate art history fanatic who teaches the AP art history course at Pace, has crafted a trip which will not only educate students, but also instruct them on the beauty of the brushstrokes.

Over spring break, four different study tours, all with electrifying teachers, are open to be explored by students. Brazil, the Galapagos, Italy and Morocco are the destinations for early March.

History teacher Mr. Ted Ward and Ms. Kacy Brubaker, the Director of Lower School Student Life, will chaperone the Brazil trip, overseeing a focus on education and community engagement. As students focus on sustainability, they will immerse themselves in the Brazilian culture and partner with the program of education in cooperative cells in Portuguese (PRECE), an educational organization. Mr. Ward expressed his excitement about leading the trip to South America.

Science fans, get ready! Biology teachers Mr. Ben Ewing and Dr. Kaylan Haizlip are suiting up to spend time with the turtles. Journeying to the Galapagos, students will learn about island ecology and conservation efforts. The fight against climate change is a prevalent issue in society and educating students on the dangers of pollution and plastic is more important now than ever. Lovers of biology should definitely mark their calendars and check this box as they fill out the form to sign up!

Ciao! Bonjourno! Mangiamo! For all those curious as to what that means, it translates to hello, good morning, let’s eat. Foodies and history lovers this trip is for you. Led by college counselor Mr. Ben Wescott and English teacher Mrs. Tamara Neiley, students have the opportunity to travel to Italy and explore its revered culture, history, pasta, pizza, and gelato. Studying on a farm and visiting sites around Rome are just two of the many highlights on this delicious trip.

Are you interested in education and religion? Director of College Counseling Mr. Jonathan Ferrell and Ms. Nikki McCrary, the Administrative Assistant to Head of the Upper School, will lead the study tour to Morocco, where students will have the incredible experience of learning about the historic significance of religion in Morocco as well as their fascinating regional cultures.

As the academic year comes to an end in May, three trips are available for exploration in the beginning of June. Peru, Greece and Iceland all begin on June 5.

On the Peru trip, Spanish teacher Sra. Laura Agront-Hobbs and art teacher Donice will lead students trekking through the jungles of Macchu Picchu, learning about the archaeological history of the region. Comparing and contrasting historical and present-day cultures, the group will examine the evolution of Peruvian life in this Wonder of the World.

Greece will be chaperoned by physics teacher Dr. Tahseen Kazi and history teacher Mrs. Mindy Lawrence. Harnessing in on global migration and the famed history of democracy, the venture will tie the roots of Greek principles and laws to today’s social climate. Dr. Kazi, a lively teacher, expressed her enthusiasm for the trip. “I’m really interested in going to Lesbos and possibly seeing the migration camps there.”

College counselor Mrs. Pam Ambler and Computer Science teacher Mr. Charlie Bryant will chaperone the beautiful trip to Iceland. This study tour will allow students to explore the gorgeous green pastures and bursting waterfalls of this lovely region. Climate and energy are two areas of focus in the land of ice and fire.

In July, Mr. Hornor and Mr. Smith will team up again, but this time with Head Volleyball Coach Ms. Monroe as well. Together, this trio will explore England and France. A unique dual-country experience, this ten-day study tour will explore each nation’s respective cultures and involvement in World War II. Students will walk the beaches of Normandy, standing atop the sands where soldiers fought tooth and nail almost 80 years ago.

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