As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, fashion choices across the school begin to shift, transitioning from the classic khaki shorts or tennis skirts into something a bit different. 

Fall favorites such as flannel jackets and Uggs have returned this year, consistent in their standing as some of the go-to fall fashion choices. Senior Graves Hamilton said “The flacket or floodie, is a Pace staple once it gets cold enough outside.” Another newer fashion shift in men’s clothing this year has been the graceful exit of high socks, in favor of ankle socks. However, not everyone agrees with this change, for example, senior Barrett Hight who said “I think they’re ridiculous. I used to wear them but I was ridiculed, I’m confused about their comeback.”

Women’s fashion has changed as well, and Junior Emma Lowry expressed her excitement at the dropping temperatures “Whenever October 1st hits I get excited about sweater season.” Sweaters are frequently paired with either wide-leg jeans or flare leggings, a popular choice for the past couple of years since they are both comfortable and compliant with the new dress code. 

The most popular shoe choices of the season have been Converse and the Ultra Mini Boot Uggs, not to be confused with the classic, mid-calf Ugg boots that dominated the early 2010s. Senior Iowa Vance offered some insight on the Ugg revival of the past month: “Ankle Uggs are in but the tall Uggs are out. Very middle school.”

Be on the lookout for these trends and staples in the coming months!

Sophomore Keenly Wareen showing off her flare leggings and Uggs (Photo: Bianca Vaneri.)

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