TikTok celebrity Vic Blends is leaving a unique mark on social media. Blends is a 21-year-old barber from North Carolina who is using his skills in cutting hair to spread positivity in the world.

Blends explained on the Nick Cannon Show the impact that COVID-19 had on his life, saying “I’m a barber and I thought that was all I had to offer to the world, that’s what everybody knew me for. I was cutting celebrities and it was something cool to look at. But the one thing I was good at got [taken] from me. Then I realized God blessed my voice long before he blessed my hands. You gotta reinvent yourself,” he continued.

Blends decided to develop a social platform, where he finds people on the street and gives them free haircuts while asking them questions about themselves and giving them advice, thus sharing his motivational words with his 13 million followers. On an app that is often used to spread fake news and negativity, Blends’s account is refreshing, and people can use it to learn important life lessons that many tend to forget.

Even though Blends primarily makes his videos about people without any form of social media platform, he has also featured some major TikTok celebrities, including Bryce Hall and Josh Richards. Hall and Richards were willing to share some behind the scenes of their lives that fans have never known and even talked about the process of becoming influencers.

“Nobody on Earth is going to make sure my legacy will be remembered. So I’m grinding, just using my voice to be something that this generation will look up to, because that was really my motivation from the beginning,” said Blends to ULTRA NYC. With his 13 million followers backing him up, it is safe to say that Vic Blends and his positive messages to the world will not be soon forgotten.

Vic Blends cuts hair for one of his customers. Photo: National Association of Barbers

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