Above, the Top 10 most played songs on Spotify of all time. Photo: Spotify

Summer is always defined by how good the music was. People are constantly looking for the song that made the summer. This year the most popular song was Beyonce’s “Break my Soul.” 2021’s song of the summer was Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 You.” However, because of Tik Tok, songs can become extremely popular if they become frequently used. Songs that grew recognition from TikTok are “Armani White” by Billie Eilish and “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy. These songs were popularly used, leading to them soaring the charts on Spotify and other music platforms. Artists want their songs to be popular on Tiktok so that they drive audiences to their full song on Spotify or Apple Music. A song that resurged and became popular because of TikTok was “Cupid’s Chokehold” by Gym Class Heroes. This song was released in 2005 and was famous then, but because of TikTok, it came back and is now in the spotlight again. 

TikTok is not the only way music is becoming popular. Tunes that are in famous movies and TV shows can become top hits in just a few days, simply because of the popularity of the program. The song “Running up that Hill” by Kate Bush became popular after its feature in “Stranger Things.” It dominated the top charts for many weeks. Another movie that was popular in the summer was “Top Gun: Maverick.” The song “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins, which plays in the intro of the movie and the most climactic parts, became extremely popular. Lastly the song “Rich Minion” by Yeat rose to fame due to the movie and jokes surrounding the Minions franchise. The song was an amazing advertisement for the movie and definitely boosted viewership.

Pace Academy students love to enjoy music over the summer and they shared some of their favorite songs. Freshman Mac Cannon’s favorite song was also “Rich Minion” by Yeat. However, Sophomore Jack Mallard’s go-to summer hit was “Sundress” by Asap Rocky. Finally, Senior Ella Berman’s favorite tune of the summer was “I ain’t Worried” by OneRepublic. TikTok creates a whole new method for music to become popular or to regain fame. The 2022 summer was definitely fantastic, and that was largely due to its music.

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