As the world has almost entirely returned to normal, something extraordinary is finally coming back to Pace after its long hibernation since COVID-19 interrupted the world. 

Is it individual salt shakers returning to the cafeteria? Is it couches coming back to the commons? Is it chocolate chip Golberg’s muffins coming back to the snack bar? No, no, and no. It’s the Knight Card! 

The Knight Card is a fantastic, functional way to save money while dining at some of the best restaurants around Pace Academy and the West Paces Ferry shopping center. 

Purchasable at the low, low price of $25 from the fantastic Pace Student Council, this amazingly designed card from Bianca Vaneri will provide a 10% discount at any of the participating locations. Currently, the Knight Card is supported at various Willy’s restaurants on West Paces, Peachtree, Roswell, Mountain High Outfitters, Frutta Bowls and Menchies on Roswell. However, it does not stop there. 

Student Body President Marit Uyham is hard at work to increase the acceptance of the Knight Card into restaurants such as Goldbergs, Wing Factory and Jinya. Student Body Vice President David Grice says, “The Knight Card is not only a good fundraiser for the student body, but also a good way to interact with the surrounding community in a way that can benefit the restaurants involved and the Pace family.” 

These cards are already for sale primarily for parents but will be hitting the market for students very soon! Frequent Buckhead cuisine Yelp reviewer Henry Levenson said, “Man, I am so pumped for the Knight Card to come back. The post-Coronavirus prices are really mean to my wallet so I am so happy that I get to save money at my favorite eateries while supporting the Pace community!”

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