A lifer at Pace, Junior Oliver Loree is involved in just about everything! Partaking in the musical, robotics and leading various clubs, Loree keeps himself very busy at school. However, he also finds himself heavily involved outside of school with his own personal endeavors. Loree runs his own Instagram account, @oliverloreeart, showcasing his artistic talents and experiments. 

Oliver Loree builds his 3D tetrahedron in his workshop. Photo Creds: @oliverloreeart on Instagram

In his free time, Loree began fueling his creative fire with 3D printing and painting. Loree’s passion for 3D printing dates back to the fifth grade. Loree says, “We had a project where we designed a little house and the 3D process fascinated me because I loved the fact that I had something to hold in my hand.” Ever since, Loree has been turning ideas in his head into real-life objects. 

After gaining a better skill set in the 3D printing field, Loree took on some pretty impressive projects. In May of 2020, Loree took inspiration from his sci-fi interests and printed a 3D Fallout 4 helmet. Loree says, “I always felt like there was a limited aspect when creating projects in cardboard, it was always so geometric. With 3D printing, I found a way to create stuff in a more organic way and up the complexity.”

Loree also 3D prints practical, household items such as candy holders. Loree created his first candy holder in February of this year. While already fully functional and impressive, Loree revamped this candy holder in March. These pieces were showcased on his Instagram, including various photos and videos of the process and final result. Loree says, “I use my Instagram to showcase the projects that I would like to see on my own Instagram feed.”

Aside from 3D printing, Loree dabbles in drawing, painting and spray painting. Back in 2020, Loree spray painted the floor of his old workshop. He depicted the solar system, continuing to showcase his interest in sci-fi and fantasy. With spray paint, Loree feels like he has more freedom of expression in his art. Loree says, “I like my art to be spontaneous, which is why I commonly change mediums.”

Another out-of-the-box creation was Dorodango shiny mud balls. Loree took dirt from a neighbor and utilized it to create his art project. They are balls made of tightly compacted dirt that has been smoothed out and shined. They resemble some planets in the solar system with their unique coloring and shape. This project served as more of a side project for Loree, saying “I am very unpredictable with my art. I could be focused on one sole project or doing five at once.”

When looking at his future, Loree wishes to pursue a career in engineering. Foreshadowing this, Loree took on a project of mixed media. He created an infinite LED tetrahedron. The tetrahedron frame itself was 3D printed while the LED lights had to be added in by hand. Loree had to use engineering skills in order to properly hook up the LED lights to the tetrahedron frame, ensuring that they would turn on and the lights would be able to change colors. This project took Loree quite a bit of time, but Loree was extremely proud of the results. 

Everything Loree creates is amazing. He is always working on something, big or small. To stay up to date on Loree’s artistic journey, make sure to follow his Instagram @oliverloreeart. Also keep an eye out around school to see some of his paintings, ceramics and 3D printing creations! 

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