TEDx committee gets caught in a violent downpour. Photo: @TEDxofficial Instagram

Torrential downpours … lightning strikes … the forecasts predict terrible weather for this fall. Due to the inclement conditions, the TEDx Conference has to be canceled. Upper School English Teacher and Head of the Conference Robert Kaufman announced the decision on Thursday, expressing his lament and disappointment in the global jet stream patterns. “I regret to inform you all that due to the horrifying weather plaguing the great city of Atlanta, the TEDx Committee has made the heartbreaking decision to cancel this year’s conference.” Having personally worked on the TEDx committee for two years, I can report that they always show the utmost professionalism and organization when planning their event. If atrocious weather is expected, then I trust them completely to make the right decision regarding the fate of the TEDx legacy.

This year’s TEDx theme was supposed to be focused on sports: The Game Behind the Game. Unfortunately, the rain behind the storm has taken over, delaying this game indefinitely. Student Leaders of the Conference Junior Davis Rice and Freshman Claire Jiang held a vote in Mr. Kaufman’s room to debate the stomach-churning verdict. Rice sobs uncontrollably every day in the hallways, gazing at the posters of what now seems to be a distant dream. 

The nine members of the TEDx Supreme Court ruled overwhelmingly in favor of canceling the conference. Senior Jack Siegenthaler, devoted member and longtime TEDx aficionado, was present at the vote. “It was the most intense thirty seconds of my life, sitting there, wondering what the ruling would be,” Sigenthaler reported.

Not only is this devastating for Mr. Kaufman, who longs to return to TEDx organization and preparation, but this abandonment has also proved to be detrimental to the student speakers. Camille Caton, a junior presenter, is shattered by this heartbreaking news. “I worked tirelessly for months, meeting with Mr. Kaufman and rehearsing my speech to prepare for the conference,” she mourned.

As of right now, there are no plans to reschedule the TEDx conference. Veteran Michael Fu recently took to Instagram to share his views. “Fortunately, we were blessed with clear skies and a shining sun when I commanded the helm two years ago.”

Who would have thought that weather would be the ultimate obstacle to take down this year’s TEDx Conference? Mr. Kaufman has decided that the new theme will be The Force of Weather: How a Gentle Breeze Can Bring the Storm. The student body waits anxiously, awaiting for the latest update of the status behind the TEDx Conference. Maybe the skies will clear up before the upcoming conference, and it can be placed back on the schedule. Stay tuned for more information and please direct any questions to Mr. Kaufman!

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