Pace ICGL Study Tour to Denver enjoys some fun in the snow! Photo: @pace_icgl on Instagram

Long awaited, spring break came and went at Pace. Being the first real spring break since the pandemic, Pace students and faculty anxiously anticipated its arrival. With the pandemic dying down and the world reopening, this year’s spring break held high expectations. On top of this, Pace’s famed ICGL Study Tours made a comeback this year, taking students all over the United States.

Although not back to international travel this year, the ICGL brought back study tours within the United States. Very popular among the Middle and Upper Schoolers, these study tours set out at the beginning of the week. The tours went everywhere from South Florida to Denver, taking students to the beaches and the mountains. 

In South Florida, students conducted observations of wildlife and cleaned up beaches. The study tour to the Olympic Peninsula took students on a paddling adventure on Lake Crescent and tidepooling in Crescent Bay. The Philadelphia tour paraded students around to many museums and was of course filled with lots of Philly cheesesteaks! In Denver, students were greeted by many inches of snow and cold temperatures. Exploring all that Colorado has to offer, they took many hikes. Eighth grader Alston Mallis says, “My favorite thing about the Denver ICGL study tour was the snow hike in Boulder because we listened to music and it snowed a lot.” 

Carrying on the yearly tradition, the senior class embarked on Senior Spring Break, and this year’s destination was the Dominican Republic. Filled with time spent at the beaches, pools, and around the resort, the seniors made the most of their last high school spring break. Some highlights included a silent disco, where everyone wore headphones and danced around. Senior Carly Appel says, “Senior spring break was so much fun! It was great to be able to further bond with the grade and parents.” 

Students and faculty also traveled on their own to places near and far. International travel this spring break was finally fully possible, as the pandemic has slowed. Students and faculty traveled to many countries, such as Mexico and France, while others stayed closer, going skiing in Colorado or tanning in California. Sixth grader Alex Karetsos says, “My trip to Mexico was super exciting! I got to snorkel in a lagoon of fish.” 

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