In response to this decision, the Scottish government sent a letter so scathing, a few students were reported to have cried after reading it.

When it comes to Pace theatre, dedication is key. This rings especially true for the Upper School’s upcoming production of “Shrek the Musical.” During a rehearsal on Sunday, Feb. 27, it was announced to the cast that simply playing their characters would not be enough. From then on, they would be expected to spend every day speaking in a Scottish accent.

“This is the best way for you all to be truly immersed in your roles,” explained director Sean Bryan to the mortified group of actors.

Of course, this sparked an intense resistance. “It’s humiliating,” said cast member Liam Nagle. “Every time I answer a question in class, I sound like the dad from ‘Brave’.”

Throughout the following month, members of the production tried out their new dialect. Some boldly researched instructional videos and tested out various regional accents, while others mimicked what they heard on TV. Either way, it was annoying. It’s been speculated that these accents have racked up three citations and two concerned parent emails. 

“It doesn’t even make sense,” complained one frustrated classmate. “Shrek’s the only character in the movie who has that accent.”

The production has also received backlash from the Scottish government, who sent a firmly worded notice rendering the directing choice “blatantly offensive and totally inaccurate.” “If you’re going to do the accent, at least make it sound good,” it read.

Though the decision has gotten an overwhelmingly negative response from the cast and Pace community combined, there have been rumors that it will be extended to the entirety of the drama club.

“I just hope Mr. Bryan doesn’t make tech do it,” said a member of the crew, who chose to stay anonymous out of shame. “If he does, I might go mute until the show’s over.”


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