Mr. Hornor collabs with Charlie Damelio and goes viral!
Long-awaited, Mr. Tim Hornor, US History Chairperson and Teacher, has joined the viral social media platform of Tik Tok. An extremely prevalent app around the world, but especially at Pace, this news has brought the utmost excitement amongst students! Joining on Jan. 1, 2022, Mr. Hornor says, “I made it my New Year’s resolution to get with the trends. This seemed like the most efficient way.” Ever since his arrival on the app, he has gained quite the following.  Posting under the username of @TimsToks, Mr. Hornor planned to post lighthearted, school-appropriate Tik Toks that would attract the right viewers. However, he quickly realized how many sides of Tik Tok there are. Mr. Hornor says, “I was enjoying my For You Page and then all of a sudden I was bombarded with absurd dancing and people called Furries.” Now aware of the odd complexities of this app, Mr. Hornor began adapting.  Taking inspiration from viral Tik Tok stars, Addison Rae and Charli Damelio, Mr. Hornor decided to engage with his followers by bringing back the famed “Renegade” dance. This dance swept the app in its early stages of acclaim but has since died out. Nevertheless, Mr. Hornor put in the work, learning this surprisingly complex dance, recording the perfect take and posting it on his page. Mr. Hornor says, “I have never sweat so much in my entire life! It took me an hour to learn the first half of the dance, not to mention all the time I spent before studying Addison and Charli’s posts.” In a matter of seconds, Mr. Hornor’s rendition of the “Renegade” was on Pace students For You Pages everywhere! Reaching a whopping 1 million views on the first day of posting, the fame was getting to Mr. Hornor’s head. The adrenaline rush led him to create 500 drafts, in which he began posting one per day. His comment section was flooded with his students’ words of astonishment and disbelief at the fact that their history teacher was taking over Tik Tok. The comments further fueled Mr. Hornor’s Tik Tok fame, so much so that he even filmed Tik Toks in class.  During his A period AP US History class, his favorite class to ever exist, Mr. Hornor filmed a Tik Tok to the song “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado. This Tik Tok included the entire class, and shortly after posting, it reached a shocking 2 million views. The Tik Tok gained the attention of news stations, celebrities and of course other viral Tik Tok creators. CBS News in Atlanta reached out to Mr. Hornor after going viral and reported on the matter.  Mr. Hornor and some students of his A period class were interviewed and featured on CBS News in a segment called, “History Teacher Turned Tik Tok Star Overnight.” The exposay was very well received and was played during assembly for the entire Pace Upper School student body. Mr. Hornor says, “I was flattered to be featured on the news. It was a defining moment for me as now I realize Tik Tok is my true passion.” At the end of the assembly, Mr. Horner shared some shocking news.  Formally resigning from his role as US History Chairperson, Mr. Hornor informed Pace students and faculty that he will be starting down a new career path. To everyone’s dismay, Mr. Hornor announced that he would be full-time pursuing Tik Tok in light of his rapid rise to stardom. Mr. Hornor says, “I know it is hard to believe that I am leaving my job at Pace for a social media app, but I truly feel accepted on Tik Tok. Everyone can expect more exceptional content.” He officially stepped down from his role this morning, leaving his legacy by his students but also his unexpected Tik Tok fame. April fools!

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