Reed continues to practice his dances in the Pace gardens.
While you may know him as a fellow classmate and star basketball player, senior Josh Reed has paved a new path for himself. On Tik Tok, a video-focused social media and social networking service that took off in March of 2020, Reed predicted his future rise to fame. Beginning just recently in January 2022, Reed posted his first dancing Tok, receiving a whopping 46 views and just over seven likes. Fans appeal to his nonchalant energy, making these complex dances seem almost effortless. But as Reed continued to gain followers, he shifted toward creating slightly more vulnerable and personal videos that he hoped would help anyone who related. For example, Reed took a risk with a Tik Tok he made to the sound of pop sensation Lil Nas X’s song ‘That’s What I Want.’ Here, Reed publicly revealed his unfortunate loneliness surrounding the single lifestyle. This kind of raw emotion struck viewers in the heart, popularizing Reed’s content. “It just makes me feel so confident and free. It’s like an outlet for me whenever I get in my own head. With my raw talent, I really think I could make something of this,” said Reed when in a conversation with Class of 2022 Dean Ben Ewing.  This spring, Reed has branched out into posting what he calls ‘put a finger down challenges.’ With this, he continues to relate to his audience, exhibiting shared experiences and sometimes surprising insight into his personal life. Maintaining rapid growth and followers, Reed has announced a temporary leave of absence in order to pursue his Tik Tok career. Supported by the Pace community, teammates, friends and family, Reed hopes to “move to LA and start a new content house.” Some of Reed’s favorite Tik Tokers and inspirations include Madison (Mads) Lewis, Harry Raftus, Lil Huddy, Loren Gray, Tony Lopez, Doja Cat and Trisha Paytas. He argues that these content creators represent the ideal role model and entrepreneur that he strives to be one day. But with fame also comes backlash. Reed has struggled with the emerging hate comments and dis tracks that critique his shy manner. “I just embrace my shy-boy mannerisms because it makes me who I am, and I can appeal to a younger audience,” said Reed in an Awesomeness TV interview.  Overall, Reed intends to be out of school and pursuing his dreams this summer. He plans to shift his content toward more dance tutorials, acting challenges and POV Tik Toks, continuing to exercise his emotions. You can catch Josh Reed on Tik Tok live every Thursday at 8 p.m., where he gives advice on relationships, how to be confident, embracing your shyness and so much more. April Fools!

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