Pace students line up to enjoy Flik dining’s delicious cuisine (Photo: Bianca Vaneri)

Each day, as noon approaches and students trickle into the cafeteria, they are greeted by a treasure of the Pace community: Flik dining. Although recognized throughout the greater Atlanta area as a fine dining establishment, as of April 2022, they will now be acknowledged as an international sensation: they will be awarded the prestigious Michelin Star. “It’s about time!” commented Junior Conner Phelan. “I knew from the second I tasted the heavenly sloppy joes that these chefs needed to be recognized for their excellence, and I’m honestly shocked it took this long.”

This award, rich with history, began in 1926 and has been guiding foodies and connoisseurs alike to the best culinary institutions across the world for almost a century. Although globally revered as an elusive honor, Flik dining was a shoo-in for their mastery of technique, quality, value of food and unparalleled consistency. Dishes such as their legendary vegetable medley and award winning salmon sealed the deal as renowned chefs across the globe have yet to master such flavorful and experimental plates. The quaint dining room, complete with a broken ice-cream machine and lukewarm water, only added to the ambience, adding an almost rustic charm. 

Joining the ranks of restaurants like Nobu, this well-earned achievement is no surprise to the Pace community, who has been subjected to their dishes for roughly two years. Every day, students and faculty cross their fingers, hoping that when they venture up the Inman steps they’ll find the much-loved roasted broccoli, or yet another variation of the classic chicken breast which seems to reappear on the menu with stubborn regularity. 

Catering to dietary restrictions across the community might seem difficult, however no challenge is too great for the revered Flik dining! The unmatched vegetarian assortment is exceptional, serving rice, lettuce and damp tofu without fail, almost daily. The delectable, chronically dry black bean ‘burgers’ are yet another fan favorite. Junior Maddie Swartz commended the accommodating cooking. “As someone who struggles with severe IBS, it’s reassuring to know Flik can have my back. It’s easy to stay away from lactose when I know I can always count on soup crackers” said Swartz.

As disappointing as it is, Flik’s Michelin award was met with some controversy. Unfortunately, wherever success goes, haters are soon to follow, and the Pace dining hall was no exception. “The Flik dining experience is a curiosity,” said Upper School history teacher Tim Hornor, “Would I say I’m confused by the Michelin star? Yes. Do I think this was some sort of strange mix-up or sick joke? I pray to god, yes.”

Regardless of a few stray critiques, they fail to overshadow the huge honor which this accolade holds. With their trademarked world-class cuisine served on incurably wet plates, Flik dining is an emblem of greatness in an ever-changing culinary world. This award answered the question which Pace student body has been asking themselves for years: what could our tuition possibly be paying for?


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