Left: Kardashian and West attend the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party in 2020.
Right: Davidson and Kardashian ride a rollercoaster at Knott’s Scary Farm in CA in Oct. Photos: People Magazine

As the holiday of love approaches, singles all over the world will watch as celebrity power couples display their public romances. When thinking of the celebrity power couple, no one better comes to mind than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Starting with the mere alliteration of their names, Kardashian and West have been the celebrity “it” couple for almost a decade. However, after their recent breakup, fans are wondering if they should still be considered a power couple. Could Kardashian’s new romance with “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson take Kimye’s place? It is only right to compare which match displays true A-lister love.

After starting to date in 2012, Kardashian and West had their first daughter North in June 2013. The couple tied the knot in May 2014 and went on to have three more children. Through the years, the world has been drawn to this socialite and rapper relationship because of their bizarre lifestyle together. According to Highsnobiety, “People have tended to look at their relationship as something that transcends reality.” Kardashian and West built individual empires while simultaneously building one as a couple. “Together, they were an American phenomenon.” Although they have had mishaps, as every public couple does, they renewed their vows in May 2019. They seemed to have stuck together through internet scandals and marital issues.

However, this is where West’s antics come into the conversation. He has often made drama-filled headlines and been ridiculed for his controversial behavior. Despite Kardashian either ignoring or defending this behavior, it could be what led to their split in Jan. 2021. A source explained to Us Magazine that the former couple developed a difference of opinion. “Kanye isn’t as focused and doesn’t live in the real world; their world views no longer line up.” Still, Kardashian and West have stayed close for their children. “They have more of a friendship and working relationship as they co-parent,” said Us Magazine. Although Kardashian has requested to be legally declared single, West has made public comments about wanting to get back together. “I’ve made mistakes,” said West in Nov. 2021. “I’ve publicly done things that were not acceptable as a husband, but right now, I’m here to change that narrative.”

When Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live in Oct. 2021, she and Davidson kissed in an “Aladdin” sketch. Since then, the two have been seen together on multiple dates and were spotted traveling to the Bahamas. In Nov. 2021, an inside source confirmed their relationship to ET Online. “Pete is a romantic and goes out of his way to make Kim feel special. Kim thinks Pete is hysterical, and he’s constantly making her laugh, but they also have been connecting on a deeper level.” West appears to be dating again as well, as actress Julia Fox shared a photo of her and West kissing via Instagram story. However, West still seconded to throw shade at Davidson in his latest song “Easy,” featuring rapper The Game. A source close to Kardashian responded to the diss, explaining that Kanye’s not doing any good and that she wants Pete to ignore it. “It’s only making them grow closer because Pete’s sympathizing with Kim throughout this ordeal,” said the source. 

It is extremely important to recognize that although West and Kardashian shaped the definition of the “it” couple of the twenty-first century, they had toxic moments. West publicly ridiculing Davidson even while he was in another relationship demonstrates that he might not be maturing as he said he was. Moreover, West vowed to change the narrative just a mere two months before. For now, West is not a stable fit for Kardashian. As Davidson and Kardashian continue to deepen their relationship, could they become a better power couple than Kimye? Right now, it seems possible.

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