A Victory Royale appears on the screen as a player wins the Battle Royale. Credit: Ross Bernath

Fortnite, the once epic battle royale game that had teenagers staying up past 3:00 a.m. attempting to win a Victory Royale, has officially made its return. Fortnite was an extremely popular game back in 2018 when it had just started and had kids playing nonstop. However, kids began to think that the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, were adding too much into the game and making it less about winning the Victory Royale and more about other, random things. Therefore, Fortnite died down for a while.

Fortnite then released “Chapter 3” at the end of 2021, which returned the game to its old ways, so kids began to play more once again, as they had done back in 2018. “Fortnite has influenced my life to a point that nothing else really matters, meaning that Fortnite is all I care about,” said Junior Charlie Fleming. It is obvious that Fortnite has always been a popular game since it was released back in 2017, however, gamers have not been this serious about the Battle Royale game in a long time.

Fortnite has sprung back into popularity because they reverted to their original map.  Fortnite had become so unpopular due to its excessive amount of new locations and random spots to drop down at, leading to the disappearance of old, beloved locations. Notably, Epic Games added back inarguably the most popular destination, Tilted Towers, which had not been seen in its original version since Jan. 18, 2018.

Additionally, with the release of Marvel’s’ Spider-Man: No Way Home, the creators at Epic added in a new feature that allows players to search for web-slingers and use them around the map to move quicker. “I love the feature,” said Sophomore Ross Bernath. “It allows me to perfect my skill of rushing the memes I’m playing against for some sick clips. If you do not know what that means, basically I’m a baller. I always finish my Victory Royales with a sick nasty dab.”

The refound craving for Fortnite has made its way into our school as well. “Playing Fortnite with the boys gets me hype every night,” said Sophomore Christian Johnson. Fortnite gives teenagers satisfaction they cannot find anywhere else, especially when they are good enough to win the desired Victory Royale. Senior Kargil Behl also seems to enjoy playing Fortnite at night, as he said, “There’s nothing quite like a night where all of us are playing late.” Fortnite is a game where friends can bond in a way they can’t anywhere else, which is why it is so special.

Watts Johnston wanted to share his opinion on Fortnite. “Fortnite is such a fun game to play with your friends, and there are so many types of game modes you can play,” said Johnston. “You can play squads when you want to play with your four homies, trios when one of your homies cannot get on right away, duos when you want a little action but not too much action and solos when you just want to rack up some XP and chill,” he said. “There’s all types of game modes up to 16 People!” Finally, Johnston left his remarks on how important Fortnite is as a game to players, saying “At the end of the day, Fortnite is every gamers Package, it’s so dope!”

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