Thobani stands between a group of males fighting for her final rose. Photo: Megan Hardesty

Do you really want to spend Valentine’s Day alone … again? You could always give up the tiny bit of dignity you have left and ask your mom to buy you a tiny heart-shaped box that contains three pieces of cheap chocolate. For some reason, those candies never seem to taste as sweet as if they were given to you unasked for by a love interest. Well, fret no more, for the Pace Academy’s 2022 Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette, seniors Xavier Agostino and Shalizeh Thobani, might just be the dates you have been searching for. 

Currently single due to the fact that he was not previously actively looking for someone, Agostino is quite the catch for the ladies. Agostino is the perfect combination of smart, kind and athletic. What more could a girl ask for? He will attend Harvard next year to play football and study computer science. Some of his hobbies include working out, chess, art and hanging out with friends and family. Agostino is looking to go on dates that are not awkward but instead relaxed and comfortable. His ideal date is not one specific place or activity. “I liked to go on dates that fit their personality or my personality,” said Augustino. “So that ranges from fancy dinners to art dates if they like to paint things.” 

Agostino is looking at personality as he continues his search for a recipient of his final rose. “I am looking for someone who is caring, has a sense of humor, has good communication skills and someone I can rely on,” he said. Agostino exhibits these characteristics as well and wants the females out there to know that he is a good guy. “If any ladies are looking for a guy with good character, they know where to find me,” he said.

Thobani is also in search of her perfect man. A typical Saturday for Thobani includes waking up around 8 a.m., and she is a very productive and timely person. She then goes to the gym to work out, followed by a post-workout meal at either Goldberg’s or Star Provisions. For all the men out there taking notes, bagels are a favorite food of Thobani’s. Later in the day, Thobani likes to hang out and go on drives with friends. “They have to be willing to hang out with my friends as they are really important to me,” she said. “Any guy also has to be approved by Alexandra and Megan, which can be a definite challenge” 

Thobani’s perfect man is someone who is both charming and athletic. “I would like them to be sweet, have a good taste in music and food, be pretty tall and preferably have fluffy brown hair,” said Thobani. “I also wouldn’t mind if he played basketball,” she added. Thobani would like the males out there to know a few things about her as well. “I am caring, good at cooking, have cute dogs and will support you at all of your sports games,” said Thobani. For those interested, Thobani says to just reach out, start talking to her and then just throw all caution into to wind and ask her out.

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