The wrestling team went 3-0 in their home opener this evening including a HUGE win against Westminster! The first match of the day was against Westminster. Jonathan Boss had a really nice pin at 126 lbs, Ratcliff, Hadley, Walsh, and Salyer received forfeits, and those that lost wrestled close matchesContinue Reading

At the HIES Hoopsgiving Tournament, the Wasatch team from Utah outlasted the VB Knights in a game the visiting western team featured crisp ball movement, tough interior play and sharpshooting three-point shooters. Wasatch is a college preparatory boarding school 150 miles south of Provo, Utah. The team has many internationalContinue Reading

The Knights prepared for a stiff challenge from an impassioned, athletic team from Alabama, and that is just what they got Friday at the Hoopsgiving Tournament held at HIES. The Knights started well and maintained its lead through Columbia’s spurts because of its unyielding defense. With both teams featuring high-energyContinue Reading

The Pace wrestling team began varsity competition today with matches against Lovett, Redan, Clarkston, and Walnut Grove, in that order. With five wrestlers playing in the elite eight football game this Friday, the team competed with just seven wrestlers today, which meant the Knights would forfeit up to seven ofContinue Reading

Failing to outshine the supernova that was Pace Knight football playoff victory over Jefferson, the hoops Knights merely “shook the earth,” rumbling to an 87-42 demolition of the Kings Ridge Tigers. A relentless Knightsí defense stifled the Tigers, who hung in there as the first quarter concluded 19-13 behind theContinue Reading