At 2:50 this afternoon, Pace students will begin enjoying their annual spring break, each in their own way. The excitement among the student body is palpable, with most agreeing that the break is much needed. Many students are headed out of state for the break, and some are even travelingContinue Reading

Dear Susie, Christmas is around the corner and I am contemplating whether to get this boy who I have just recently gotten involved with a present or not. I don’t want to get him a present and seem too serious, but I want to be considerate. What should I do?Continue Reading

In a financial crunch? Want to buy something fun for your friends for the holidays? Here’s a quick list of gift ideas to please your pals and your pocket. 1. Essie nail polish – $5 each from Ulta 2. Kikkerland head massager – $6 at Target 3. Fuzzy socks –Continue Reading

It was an ordinary Wednesday morning. I rushed down I-75 North to get school by the 8 a.m. assembly time, and the tedious Nickleback song “If Today Was Your Last Day” began to play on the radio. Just as I was about to change stations to avoid the crooning, itContinue Reading

Knightly News: So, Joey, tell me about your activities. Joey Capelouto: Well, I’m very busy. I’m the lead in the play, I am a service leader for Trinity, I am the captain of the water polo team (we need fans), I am the Student Council vice president, and I’ve gotContinue Reading

What book do you think every Pace Academy student should read before they graduate? A seemingly simple question proved to be exceedingly challenging. With close to 139 million books in print, Upper School faculty and staff members had a particularly difficult time narrowing it down to only one when theyContinue Reading

Most students at the Academy spent their summers hanging out with friends, going to the movies, and traveling to exotic destinations. Some, however, treated the long break as an opportunity to gain valuable work and intern experience. A number of students stayed close to school, working as Pace Camp counselors;Continue Reading

A slew of new music arrived this summer, including Slightly Stoopid’s Top of The World, Based on a T.R.U. Story by 2 Chainz, Maroon 5’s Overexposed, and my personal favorite, Channel Orange by Frank Ocean. But with the dawning of the fall comes a lot more new music to lookContinue Reading

In technology this summer, rumors and new products have been flying around the World Wide Web, creating one of the most action-packed summers yet. From the iPhone 5 to the Windows Surface to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, manufacturers are rushing to get ahead of the competition. Here’s our take onContinue Reading a reputable source for information on Pace Academy faculty or an outdated, unserviceable website? Created in 2001, the website has compiled information and feedback on over eleven million teachers nationwide. The feedback ranges from formal positive comments like “Mr. Hornor is no doubt one of the best teachers atContinue Reading

How Well Do You Know Your Teachers? 1. Has traveled to over 20 states playing in billiards tournaments 2. Received College of Computing Doctoral Dissertation award for thesis at Georgia Tech 3. Raised over $1,200 for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in the “Ride for Kids” 4. Played varsity football atContinue Reading

During their sacred summer, most Pace students’ goals are to get as far away from campus as possible. However, there are a few students who choose to spend their summer earning some money as camp counselors at Pace Camp. This is the 40th year for the program, and each yearContinue Reading