On a scale of 1 to 5 how much do you enjoy horror movies?

Most people liked scary movies rather than loving or hating them. 20 people put 4 as an answer. In 2nd place, 17 people neither hated nor loved them. In 3rd place, 16 people love horror movies. In 4th place, 15 people hated them (including me). In last place, 8 people felt meh about horror movies.

What is the most important ingredient to make a good scary movie?

Most of the people chose the first five answers, with the highest being suspense, but some people did custom comments. My favorite response was “Stupid characters that trigger you because they act so stupid.” That is so relatable!

What are the best kind of snacks for a scary movie?

The top 3 answers were candy in 1st, popcorn in 2nd and soft drinks in 3rd. My favorite personal answer was “drink” because it is so random. The second would have to be “raw potato.”

How do you like to watch scary movies?

Almost 50% of the poll participants responded “At home, preferably under a blanket.” That is understandable. I wouldn’t even watch one, but I could do that instead. The most creative answer was “ya like jazz.”

With whom do you like to watch scary movies?

More than half of the people who answered wanted to watch “with my friends, safety in numbers.” Me too. I would watch with my friends. There really is safety in numbers. You don’t have to run the fastest. Just don’t be the slowest!

Who is the scariest kind of villain?

It was kind of a split difference between, a serial killer, a deranged clown, and a demonic child. I wouldn’t like any of them because I HATE SCARY MOVIES.

What is your favorite scary movie?

There were plenty of different answers to this question. The most popular was “I don’t have one,” or some form of that. Even though I don’t like scary movies, I have one particular movie I don’t mind. It’s old but still scary.

If you like scary movies, why?

There were many answers along the lines of: “I like the adrenaline rush,” “The suspense,” “Because I like getting mini heart attacks,” and “Cause I like watching murder.” Yeah.

If you don’t like scary movies, why?

There were many answers along the lines of: “Way too much blood and screaming” and  “too many nightmares.”