Welcome to our first article for a new series in the MidKnight Times highlighting what you could do for any season. Let’s get started with fall! 

Our favorite season is fall, and we have many ideas of what you can do for the fall. But first, let’s talk about Halloween. We think all of us are ready for the spookiest time of the year! And there are so many new costumes and accessories that you can buy and delicious candies available. But there is one downside, and we have been through it for over a year and a half:  COVID-19.

With so many downsides to COVID-19 and so many lives lost, a lot of people are understandably not going to do Halloween. We have been thinking about what you can do so you can still go Trick-or-Treating. The first thing is that you could wear a mask, just like we do in school. This will lower the rate of getting COVID-19. Another thing that could lower the rate is getting vaccinated if you are eligible. 

As the weather gets cooler in the fall, some people love binge watching shows. Here are some great tv shows to watch! The best TV shows on Netflix are the following: Squid Games, Manifest, Alone, and Money Heist.  Also, one of the best family tv shows to watch on Apple TV Plus is Ted Lasso.  

Now it’s time for some great Halloween costume ideas! Since Squid Games is the number one viewed show in the world right now, one idea for a costume is a Squid Games jumpsuit. Another good costume is Ghostface, who is a popular and deadly character from the movie series SCREAM. If you are feeling funny, you could be in a hotdog or banana suit. There are also some special costumes that inflate, like a sumo wrestler or a dinosaur.

Finally, we have some great Amazon searches for Halloween! If you want a spooky door sign then you came to the right place! One great door sign is a sign that says “NO TRESPASSING: We’re tired of hiding bodies”.  Another hilarious sign says “BEWARE OF: Well…..just beware”. Both would be perfect Halloween decorations.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our winter recommendations coming soon!