by Ashley York

As members of the Pace community, we have the ability to not only inspire others with our actions but also our words. For decades, TED Talks have inspired people through their powerful and influential speeches on various subjects including science, technology, and design. More recently, TEDx was created to allow communities to form independent, organized events such as TEDx Pace Academy. 

The TEDx Pace Academy event is on November 14, 2021, from 2-4 pm. This year’s theme is “The Force of Words.” It will feature Pace students, faculty, alumni, and many special guests including Micah Lapidus, Director of Jewish and Hebrew studies at the Alfred and Adele Davis Academy; Melvin Kindall Myles, professional jazz singer at Ebenezer Baptist Church; Kristi Odom, a world-renowned photographer and Nikon ambassador; and Danny Wuerffel, the 1996 Heisman Trophy winner.

While TEDx Pace Academy is privileged to have so many excellent guest speakers, some of Pace’s own students and faculty will be speaking too. This includes Joanne Beauvoir Brown, Armando Vizcaino-Santiago, Allie Campbell ’22, Emma Killian ’22, Pranavh Pradeep ’22,  Kate Romero ’23, and Ryan Varma ’22.

Also, TEDx Pace Academy is partnering with Books for Africa (BFA). For 33 years, this non-profit organization has sent over 52 million books to children in Africa, to support their education. Pace is encouraging TEDx Pace Academy event attendees to bring academic books for BFA.

This Year’s Pace Academy TEDx truly encompasses “The Force of Words” by exposing attendees to new perspectives and ideas around numerous topics. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Visit the Pace Academy TEDx website for more information!