By: Elannah McFriedonald

Evermore is the newest album added to Taylor Swift’s collection. It is her 9th studio album. It was released on December 10, 2020 and is a sister album of Folklore, which was released in July 2020. This album is labeled alternative but has hints of country and pop also woven through it. It has sixteen songs and two bonus tracks that are yet to be released. Swift and her producers of Folklore had the creative energy and inspiration after the original album finished to just keep writing. Quickly, the songs evolved into a beautiful portfolio, full of emotion and captivating narratives. Overall, it is a spectacular album, and we had many opinions on each track.  


We rated the songs from Evermore out of 1o.


Song Placement Rating
Dorothea #1 9.85
Champagne Problems #2 9.65
Happiness #3 9.5
Ivy #4 9.5
Long Story Short #5 9.5
Evermore #6 9.5
Marjorie #7 9.45
‘Tis the **** Season #8 9
Gold Rush #9 8.99
No Body, No Crime #10 8.6
Cowboy Like Me #11 8.6
Closure #12 8.4
Tolerate It #13 8
Coney Island #14 6