Dear Granny Knight,

My friends have been hanging out with boys a lot. I feel excluded because they all have crushes and boyfriends and they would rather hang out with boys than their own friends. Whenever I’m around everything’s awkward and they try to remove me from the conversation. I feel like I should speak up but I’m worried that they’ll start making fun of me because I don’t have a boyfriend. Should I tell them about how excluded I feel or should I stay quiet? 


Loveless Lover

Dear Loveless Lover, 

Speak to your friends. If they are really your true friends then they won’t make fun of you and they’ll understand. If you don’t feel comfortable around your friends then you shouldn’t hang around them because they probably aren’t the best friends for you. You should never feel like you need a boyfriend. If you have a boyfriend in middle school it will add to all of your stress anyways. 

Yours Truly,