Dear Granny Knight,

My friends haven’t been hanging out with me recently, and I’m starting to feel excluded. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I was doing a project with my friends, but they ditched me to hang out with another group, and I feel like I’m doing most of the work alone. That’s not the only thing they’ve done as well. When I came to join the four square games at recess, they immediately left. I also feel like they’re talking about me behind my back. They also haven’t really been supporting me lately. What should I do?

From, Friend Blend 


Dear Friend Blend, 

It seems to my we have some fake noodles: some impastas, who don’t know what a real friend is. Talk to your friends. Communication is key to a healthy relationship. If you talk to them and decide that they are not a good fit for your definition of a real friend, don’t be discouraged. I promise you will find some real good friends.   

Yours Truly,