Dear Granny Knight,

I just switched languages and with learning the new language comes all my other stressful homework and studying. I have a math test, a history test, a French quiz, and two English quizzes  all in the next three days! I am pretty slow with homework and stuff already, I don’t need more piled on my plate! I just don’t have enough time!


Terribly Timed

Dear Terribly Timed,

Life is tough. Can I get an AMEN!! When you think about it life looks like it has turned its back on you, you should look life in the eye and say you win FOR NOW. No I am kidding sometimes it is just going to have to be  a bad week, but only if you let it. Give up some recess to study, so at 3:00 your load is a lot lighter. Also taking a long time isn’t a problem. If you know you are going to take a while try your best to set an approximate amount of time you think the assignment will take you. When planning leaving more time is better so then you can plan your afternoon accordingly. Now don’t bore yourself to death. Breaks are good, but binging you favorite netflix show is not a break. Going to the bathroom or grabbing a snack is a break.  

Yours Truly,