Dear Granny Knight, 

I have been getting a few bad grades lately and I am trying is hard as I can to do good, but with all of the tests and quizzes we have I just can’t keep up! I try to use my agenda, but I am not very good at keeping up with it. I don’t really like using my agenda, but I need someway to keep up with my tests and quizzes! 

From, Stressed Sally   


Dear Stressed Sally,

For most kids, the agenda is the key to remembering their tests and quizzes. It seems like you are anti-agenda. Well, no fear! Granny Knight is here to save the day with the some solutions! 

The first solution is take advantage of all that technology has to offer! On your phone, you should download Google Classroom, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Log into your Pace account, and make sure that the notifications are turned on, so you receive email notifications from your teachers about the work due the next day. This will be crucial in helping you stay organized.

If you really refuse to use your agenda, another idea is a wall calendar. This helps with planning out your weeks and months, which helps with some of your longer term assignments, tests, projects, and essays. You write out dates and get in the habit of checking them off as you go. Remember that Google Classroom also has a calendar feature. The Google Classroom app will organize all of the assignments posted by your teacher into a calendar in an easy to use format.

Get into a daily routine of checking your wall calendar, and then the email and notifications of Google Classroom. Then, actually do the work that is assigned! This ensures that you can and will be all caught up.   

Yours Truly,