Written By: Colbie West & Virginia Foster

We all consume the news in some form or another.  Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of the Midknight Times? The Midknight Times, Pace Academy Middle School’s student newspaper, is made by both students  and teachers. Students spend their lunch and recess together writing articles three days out of our eight day rotation. All students can join any time, and most importantly, you can eat your ice cream from lunch as you write your articles! To give you more insight, we interviewed our teacher advisors. 

“Mrs. Harlan, why do you love advising newspaper?”

“I love advising the newspaper staff because I love working with creative individuals and helping them learn to articulate their stories – from their experiences at Pace to their uniqueobservations about the world.” Mrs. Harlan, Newspaper Advisor

“Dr. Boehner, how do you think newspaper affects students?”

“I think this is a good way for students to express their opinions and to learn more about a topic that is interesting to them. It is also a great way to make new friends in the Middle School!” Dr. Boehner, Newspaper Advisor

We also interviewed some of the student reporters.

“Harrison, why do you participate in newspaper?”

“I do newspaper because it is fun and I’m able to think about how to be a better writer. And I love being able to be very articulate in many new forms writing.” Harrison, Pace Middle Schooler 

“Van, in one word, how would you describe newspaper?”

“FUN!” Van Muller, 7th Grader 

With newspaper ending for the year of 2019, there is a great opportunity to join next semester. Students who participate in newspaper get the opportunity to share their interests with the school. Come join us!